Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling? How To Safely Carry Your Smartphone

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling_ How To Safely Carry Your Smartphone

Where do you put your phone when cycling? It is not a weird concern, and the answer is right in this article. Check it out right now for revelation.



The development of technology has brought to modern life an integrated solution – the smartphone. Besides the usual functions, it offers a wide range of benefits for outdoor activities such as navigation, health indicator control, music playback, etc.

So, where do you put your phone when cycling to ensure its safety? What is the perfect solution for your mobile device protection, then?

Scroll down to find out the best way to protect your companion device now!

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling?

Where do road cyclists put their phone? If you are a newbie, look at how experienced people handle this situation.

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling_ How To Safely Carry Your Smartphone

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling_ How To Safely Carry Your Smartphone

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Bike-Specific Phone Case

It is also called a bicycle phone mount, which is attached directly to the motorcycle and accompanies you every step of the way.

Pros Cons
●       Economical price

●       Easily accessible

●       Convenient disassembly

●       Your belongings are exposed to weather conditions


Here is another device that sticks your device to the bike.

Pros Cons
●       Compact

●       Facilitate quick action when cycling

●       Only work with specific phone cases


Plastic Bag

An old Ziploc becomes more useful than ever to protect your assets.

Pros Cons
●       Keep your device safe from collisions, scratches, or bad weather

●       Comfort for other valuable things

●       Old-fashioned




It is a good suggestion from gym-goers and runners. You can wear an armband in your hand with a smartphone inside.

Pros Cons
●       Lightweight

●       Sweat-resistant

●       Diverse in size

●       Recommended Bluetooth connected device to connect to your device

Jersey Pocket

If you have a bike shirt on, find the Jersey bag and pack your stuff in it.

Pros Cons
●       No extra keeper is needed

●       Easy to reach

●       Suitable for small devices

●       The smartphone  may bounce when moving uphill

Cargo Shorts / Bib Shorts

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling_ - Cargo Shorts _ Bib Shorts

Cargo Shorts / Bib Shorts

Traditional bib shorts are usually pocketless. Fortunately, sports designers have heard of this inconvenience and present new mesh or lycra pockets.

Pros Cons
●       Close follow-up of your belongings

●       Absolute safety with zipper

●       Must stop to take out your asset

●       Uncomfortable and unsightly with large devices

Bar Bag

What overcomes the weakness of cloth bags and bicycle attachments? The recognition shines on the bar bag.

Pros Cons
●       One of the options with the most room

●       Modern and fancy

●       Free to move

●       Not always accessible


This option pops up in everyone's mind when it comes to packages. It works even for outdoor activities.

Pros Cons
●       Have the most space

●       Usually available at your home

●       Suitable for other essentials

●       Some people find it bulky and heavy for their shoulders



Classic equipment that we do not need to argue more.

Pros Cons
●       Spacious and convenient

●       Easy put in and take out

●       Some sudden noises when objects collide

Your Pocket

In rare cases, cyclists put their devices in their pants or front pockets. However, we do not encourage you to try it.

Pros Cons
●       Effortless to try with everyday outfits ●       Slippage may occur. And if so, your belongings are damaged

●       Risky for phone glass

Top Tube Bag

This works similar to the second option but with more protection for your stuff.

Pros Cons
●       High secure even in less favorable weather

●       Take good care of the phone frame

●       Storage spaces for other small items

●       Not found yet

Innertube Bag

Thrown back to these old days, it was a symbol of messengers. In modern society, some people still use it for their cycling trips.

Pros Cons
●       Rubber materials do not scratch your device

●       Retro lovers must fall in love with it

●       Environmental friendliness

●       A little inconvenience for foot movement

●       The burden leans to one side

Sling Bag

This option was born to add an urban vibe to the messenger bags. The main difference is, it is smaller to fit everyday activities.

Pros Cons
●       Multiple uses: cycling and whatever activity you want

●       Easy to carry out

●       The same as Innertube bag

Frame Bag

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling_ - Frame Bag

Frame Bag

Cross country racers never start the race without a triangle bike frame bag. Why is it popular? Here are some reasons:

Pros Cons
●       Always stay in shape

●       Never stay away from the cycle

●       Do not hinder movement

●       Poor diversity of style

Zip-Lock Bag

You may have come across this type as part of the options above. It suggests that zippers play an important role in protecting your property.

Pros Cons
●       Your possessions never fall out ●       Depending on the model and style you choose (can refer to the information above)

Where Is The Best Place To Keep My Phone While Cycling?

We tried to come up with a diverse list of secure option choices. If you need a summary and advice, stay for this section.

Where? Why?

Where do you put your phone while riding? The answer depends on your cycling outfit. The Jersey bag is a great miracle to keep your gear safe from damage if you wear specific uniforms.

On the other hand, some prefer separate holders attached to the bike. In this case, you should focus on the material. Water protection is the top factor to consider when choosing a bag. If you want plastic alternative options, make sure you seal them carefully!

Tips & Suggestions

How do you carry your phone while cycling? Besides quality equipment, there are some rules that you need to follow.

  • Zippered pockets always take precedence:

As noted above, no matter your choice, it sometimes fails to hold your belongings without a zipper. Especially when you cycle between different terrains, this design prevents unexpected damage caused by up and down movement.

  • Do not take your device out of the keeper while cycling:

Some people have tried and lost their assets. Believe it or not, glass or sweaty materials cause unexpected slippage instead of trying to reach for the device with one hand. Stopping for a few minutes saves you from property loss.

Should I Carry My SmartPhone With Me While Cycling?

Is it illegal to use a mobile phone while cycling? – There is no specific rule about this! Therefore, the choice is up to you.


Busy people can never leave their smartphones behind. They want to check a ton of notifications and calls even while cycling.

If you are not one of them, you can also take advantage of your device. First, it stands as a smart navigation device (phone for directions) that integrates convenient navigation for your journey.

It also offers several features like activity tracking, navigation app, apps for route planning, etc. Nevertheless, some people combine cycling with entertainment which requires music every time they bike.


It is odd to recommend going out without your smart device after many gadgets. Of course, you should leave it at home if you do not want a bet. However, we believe that good keepers and prudence can solve any problem.

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Where do you keep your phone when cycling? We have tried our best to come up with a great long list. From now on, you are free from the worry of property damage while exercising outdoors. If you have any corner or cool discovery for this question, do not hesitate to share with us.

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