What To Do With Old Cycling Helmets? The Fun Facts You Need To Know

What To Do With Old Cycling Helmets_ The Fun Facts You Need To Know

You bought a new bike helmet, and you’re wondering, “What to do with old cycling helmets?”. Now let’s check out this post to discover the final answer!



“What to do with old cycling helmets?” Or “Can you recycle bike helmets UK?“. It sounds like a good idea, but it still confuses people who don't properly reuse the old protective headgears.

This article will answer the above questions, release your concern, and discuss more tips to help you replace the previous head protector to save the environment.

 Let's scroll down right now to know more details!

What To Do With Old Cycling Helmets_ The Fun Facts You Need To Know

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What To Do With Old Cycling Helmets? 

Recycle It

Recycle Old Cycling Helmet

Recycle Old Cycling Helmet

“Can riding helmets be recycled?” Our quick answer is a big Yes! 

If your head protector has passed its peak condition or broken to wear, don't throw it away; you could easily recycle it by yourself. 

To do this, you'll need to disassemble the old headgear first. It features a strong plastic cover made of polycarbonate. Soft plastic, a polystyrene shell, and ropes composed of various materials are also present in it.

That is why you must separate them and place them in their appropriate recycling bins.

That's not all, though. You can recycle polystyrene foam liners at home. For example, you could slice your protective headgear into little pieces and mix them in with the soil. This is an excellent way to aerate your soil.

“Can bicycle helmets be donated?” Without a doubt, you have the option of donating it as well. Before doing so, bear in mind that other organizations are grateful for bike protective headgears, but they must be in an acceptable condition.

There are various ways to donate them. You may donate to organizations, emergency agencies, and even school acting groups, all of whom may benefit from the protective headgear. 

You can try giving your cycling headgear to a local bike group that collects them.

It's an especially great way to get rid of baby helmets. Because children outgrow their bodies rapidly, those helmets won't be able to fit baby heads when they grow older.

Donate To Organizations That Collect Bike Helmets

Donate To Organizations That Collect Bike Helmets

Note that you should not donate head protectors if they are too outdated or have been in a past bike crash or accident.

Giving your old bike headgear to a local medical services training organization is another great way to dispose of it.

If there are any fire or police agencies in the area, they can use your hard cap for particular circumstances.

Although your local emergency services do not wear head protectors to protect their heads, they do utilize them to train their staff how to care for individuals in an emergency while wearing one. 

In particular, they've often been taught how to remove a motorist's helmet safely to minimize head injuries.

However, before giving your protective headgear to an emergency services center, make sure it is clean because others will be using one during training.

It's also not a bad idea to contribute your bike headgear to a local school. The instructors will use these riding headgears during playtime. For example, the kids can use them in creative play, pretending to be cops, scientists, explorers, etc.

If you have any teacher friends, teachers will much appreciate such contributions. Or you can approach any nearby primary schools and see whether they take headgear donations.

Before giving your protective headgear for satiation, you should ensure it's clean because dirty ones will affect their health.

Make It Useful

You may reuse your old head protector instead of throwing it away.

If you're a planter, all you have to do is wrap your head protector with a cloth, stuff it with soil and seeds, and hang it by the straps to make a flower pot. 

Choose a plant that doesn't take up a lot of room for this task. After that, you may plant it with flowers and display it on your front door.

You may also make your old entire helmet shell into cookware that you can use for various purposes in the kitchen, such as a food holder, popcorn bowl, and so on.

What else is there to say? The head protectors will act as hard hats, recommended as part of an earthquake preparedness package. So it's great for keeping you safe.

Make It More Enjoyable

You may try your hand at helmet painting, which will allow you to express yourself artistically. 

Let’s spray paint or use a paintbrush to add some color to your protective headgear, and don't be shy about displaying the finished product on your bookshelf or bedside.

With colorful headgear, you may participate in a creative competition. With your ingenuity, talents, and awareness of environmental protection, you may win a prize. 

If you have no idea, you can watch this video to create unique headgear with a personal touch!

Trade It In

Trade It In also a good ideas

Trade It In Also A Good Ideas

When it comes time to replace your prior head protector, you are remorseful because you paid considerable money for it. Selling it to a bike shop is an excellent method to get rid of it while earning some cash.

Several bike shops will give you a discount on a new head protector if you return your old one. Many dealers will want the original proof of purchase; however, this varies by seller. 

That implies that you must provide a receipt to prove the helmet's age if you wish to trade it. The main function of this item is to prevent injury when cycling, so there is no point trading in a poor-quality one, right?

Why Do We Recycle Old Bike Helmets? 

As we all know, our habits are gravely polluting the environment, and discarding any plastic things endangers our planet. 

Hence, recycling outdated helmets is an excellent way to protect the environment while maintaining a healthy and fresh atmosphere. 

You may accomplish this by selecting any advice that you believe is appropriate for your bike headgear. 

Aside from that, it would help if you learned more about the expiration date of riding headgears so that you can make arrangements for donating them or come up with creative uses for your expired helmet.

Even though bicycle helmets appear to be able to endure a lot of force for a long period, it's best not to take any chances. 

They don't have an expiration date; however, you should replace them for about a five-year period. That also answers the question, “When should you throw out your bike helmet?”.

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We're confident that after reading this page, you've discovered the answer to the question “What to do with old cycling helmets?” You also have options for dealing with old and outdated headgear, such as recycling, donating, and turning them into useful items in your life. 

Furthermore, by properly recycling head protectors, you are helping to safeguard the environment. So, don't be afraid to put them to good use and make them important in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post; stay tuned for the next one!

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