What Running Shoes Are Good For Cycling? [2022 Updated]

What Running Shoes Are Good For Cycling

If you opt for regular sneakers instead of the specific footwear for biking and wonder, “what running shoes are good for cycling?” This article will help!

Are running shoes OK for cycling?” and “What running shoes are good for cycling?” are some of the frequently asked questions we have received recently. Worry not; you have come to the right place because we wondered the same. 

After much research, we are confident to give you the best answer about this topic. And now, all you have to do is grab a snack and read this article!

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What Running Shoes Are Good For Cycling?

Why Do Many People Choose Running Sneakers For Biking?

So many people are wondering What Running Shoes Are Good For Cycling

So many people are wondering What Running Shoes Are Good For Cycling

This question may sound ridiculous, but the fact remains that many people turn to running shoes when riding their bikes for several reasons.  

You can believe it or not, but hardly anybody out there wants to spend the extra money on high-quality cycling shoes. As you may know, cycling-specific shoes for biking are not as flexible as regular footwear and usually more expensive. 

So, getting another pair of exercise shoes for only biking can be a waste of money for some. It may not be a big deal if your budget allows, or the cost per wear is worth it. 

If you consider how much a cycling instructor makes and their biking frequency, spending on expensive athletic shoes is not a huge expenditure.

Suppose you can cycle in non-cycling shoes; why go the additional mile and purchase expensive biking sneakers like mountain bike shoes? 

But that's not all. Other factors to consider are comfort and plenty of grips, impacting insulated footwear selection. 

Most OK bike sneakers include Velcro straps linked to the closure and pedal mechanism, which is safer but unpleasant for some. 

Professional riders use these straps for safety, speed, and precision to reap the full benefits of cycling shoes. On the other hand, these features may appear unnecessary for casual riding.

So, why bother with them when you can ride your exercise bike in a normal shoe? Continue to scroll down if you think this is a sound answer!

Which Type Of Shoes Are Best For Cycling?

Purchase flat pedal shoes and those with a platform on the underside if you want to save money in the long term. You want to invest in comfy biking sneakers for longer trips. 

And they will last longer than you expect, with only the cleats needing to be replaced now and then. 

Although you'll have to purchase new sneakers and pedals, removing all of the extra wear and tear from your sneakers should help them last much longer and save money in the long term.

3 Best Running Sneakers For Biking

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

We suggest this product to you since it has all the features you'd expect in a pair of spinning shoes for biking. 

Decent foot protection is among the many benefits. Their fashionable and adaptable designs are ideal for play or work as well. So, if you are an energetic person, this one is a great choice. 

We are sorry if you have difficulty facing 45 distinct color combinations; the various choices may make you hesitate to pick one. 

But trust us! You will not regret mixing and matching these sneakers with your outfits. From blues, oranges, and reds, to traditional white and black, various colors are available. 

If you often deal with sweating feet, the breathable Mesh uppers are excellent to keep your feet dry on a long trip. You will like that the fastening system is reinforced with Flywire for a supportive, secure fit.

Nike uses Cushlon ST foam in the midsoles and a sock lining that adjusts to the contour of your foot. So, everything you will receive when wearing these sneakers is comfort and more comfort.

Overall, they are robust and flexible, making them ideal for biking and walking except for a downside: the outside stiff soles may not be very robust and may wear out within a few months of constant use.

2. Tommaso Milano Men’s Comfort

There are several reasons why this pair of sneakers appear in our suggestion list. 

Tommasso is very suitable for riding bicycles; it manufactures and sells bikes and biking equipment, including sneakers, directly to clients from its facility. 

As a result, it may sell things at a lesser cost. The flat sole of the Milano commuter cycling shoe has a depression in the forefoot, compatible with the bike’s flat pedal riders.

Those who go for minimalism and basic outfits will love this grey and black type of flat-bottomed shoes because it wouldn't be out of style whether your personal preference. 

When choosing a comfortable pair of sneakers, remember that a mesh tongue and mesh inserts will keep your feet warm all the time.

Nonetheless, these sneakers are flexible enough to be worn off the bicycle. Women's sneakers are available in a similar style with the same fantastic qualities as the male version.

3. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure

These sneakers' unique style makes them a must-have item in any fashion-oriented athlete's closet. Of course, we have got a pair recently, and it does not disappoint us!

The sneakers are comfy, offer fantastic breathability, and are incredibly light (roughly from 0.45 to 0.6 pounds). It is one of the lightweight hiking shoes on the market.

Apart from their fantastic design, they are also the best indoor cycling shoes due to their low weight and flexible sole.

Their Cloudfoam Memory insole is another noteworthy characteristic. It molds itself to one’s feet for optimal comfort. 

We do not suggest them for rocky terrain, mountain trail, and downhill trail roads because they are designed for roadways. Walking your bike or braking with this pair of shoes on the above terrains is not ideal.


Can I Use Skate Sneakers For Biking?

Before answering this question, let’s imagine biking your bike down a steeply inclined route with unforeseen holes and pebbles while putting power on the bike pedals.

We guess that all you wish to have in these ride concepts is a wing to fly instead of a bike. You will need a sturdy pair of cycling shoes to go through the adventure, improve your power, and get through obstacles easier. 

Skate shoes with sticky and soft bottoms do not wear out easily, so they're a suitable choice in these situations. 

Can I Use Trainer Sneakers For Cycling?

Running sneakers are comparable to trainer sneakers. However, they are more flexible and comfy. A broader sole and athletic style make them a fantastic choice for cycling and urban biking sneakers, and they give excellent traction.

How Long Do Cycling Shoes Last?

Knowing when to replace cycling shoes is necessary if you wear them constantly, and the answer may surprise you. Road bike sneakers are the most durable item of footwear you will ever own, lasting up to 15 years.

How To Clean Cycling Shoes?

If your sneakers are dusty and soiled after a ride, wipe them down with a moist towel. 

Remove the insoles, release the muddy buckles and straps, and soak them in a pail of water combined with a bit of light dishwashing detergent. 

Then, clean them softly yet wholly using a soft brush, giving special attention to cleats and buckles. When you're through, rinse the sneakers with cold water. 

Last but not least, pack them with newspaper and let them air dry. Never place them near hot spots. You can refer to this video to better understand the process.

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Final Words

So now you do not have to ask, “What running shoes are good for cycling?” because we have provided you with two main characteristics when choosing an ideal pair of sneakers for biking:

  • Flat pedal shoes.
  • Those with a platform on the underside.

However, if you are a professional biker, you should get a pair of cycling shoes for a higher price due to the long-lasting lifespan and specific ability they come with. 

If you have any related questions, please comment below, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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