How To Get Sponsored By A Fitness Company Like A Pro

How To Get Sponsored By A Fitness Company

Learn how to get sponsored by a fitness company with this guide. It will show you what to do to land your first ever gig with the right brand in the industry.

Are you a new influencer in the industry and want to work your way up? Learning how to get sponsored by a fitness company can be complicated when you just get started.

But success in getting the first sponsorship deal can be huge for your career. It could help pay your bills and propel your position in the industry.

A small sponsored post at the moment can lead to a well-paid deal in the future. Luckily, you don't have to own a massive follower count or a huge team behind to start this journey.

We've broken down step-by-step the process of winning sponsorships from brands.


How To Get Sponsored By A Fitness Company

Understand Why Fitness Companies Sponsor Influencers

Before going ahead with your plan, you should understand what fitness brands want to get from working with personalities like you.

These companies are no different from other industries. They want to boost their marketing presence with sponsorship deals.

They see influencers as a gateway to promote their products, such as fitness equipment, to appropriate audiences.

Understand How Influencers Have a Great Marketing Impact on Brands Is Great Tips On How To Get Sponsored By Fitness Company

Understand How Influencers Have a Great Marketing Impact on Brands Is Great Tips On How To Get Sponsored By Fitness Company

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To maximize these efforts, companies look for figures with types of content aligned with their brands. Those influencers should also have a sizable following base to amplify the brand's messages.

You need more than just a few followers to work with fitness brands. The bigger your audience, the better chance you have to get sponsored.

That said, you don't have to gather a million followers before you can think about sponsorships.

Micro-influencers exist, and brands have started to be aware of their potential. A small-scale following of 10,000-50,000 users can be enough to land you a sponsorship.

Besides the raw number, the demographics of your following should also deserve attention.

A small group of people passionate about their products should appeal to fitness companies more than a general but fragmented following.

Build Your Personal Brand

Find your niche and develop your online presence  around it. The social media world is crowded with a slew of similar figures. A clear and correct strategy is a must if you want to stand out.

Produce engaging stories, images, and photos on a regular basis. Choose the type of content that you're confident about, like your own fitness journey.

But make sure it's aligned with both your targeted audience and fitness brands.

Learn different ways to promote your content. Make sure that your brand can find its way to a broader audience by mastering the uses of a well-timed instagram post, blog posts, hashtags, ads, or giveaways, for example.

A presence outside of the online world is valuable too. You can host offline events for your audience or collaborate with other professionals.

Learn more about building your profile with this video.

Figure Out What Type Of Sponsorship You Want

Multiple forms of sponsorship exist in the fitness business. It impacts the relationship between you and the brands, including your responsibilities and earnings.

In term of how long the deal last, there are two sponsorship types:

  • One-off: These sponsorships are straightforward and end quickly. Brands would typically ask you to promote their products on specific occasions.
  • Continuous: You could become ambassadors of brands in longer-lasting sponsorship deals. Most of these offers are exclusive. It means you can't promote competing brands at the same time.

Choose Companies To Contact

Consider your existing audience when picking companies you will work with.

Go for big, multinational companies if you're confident about the size of your followers. It's much harder for those companies to notice you if you don't cover a large social media presence.

Local gym chains are a great choice for small influencers to get sponsored

Local gym chains are a great choice for small influencers to get sponsored

Don't dismiss small, local fitness companies, especially if you have a small follower count. Local fitness centers and supplement companies are good examples.

In fact, you can be a better fit if they see a personal connection between you and their targeted customers. Your local following can lead to a higher conversion rate and give you an edge over bigger figures.

Make Contact

Once you have specific companies in mind, you can proactively reach out to them. Promote yourself as a candidate for sponsorship and convince them to work with you.

Find contact details on their websites and social media profiles. Send them an email to introduce yourself and your stories.

Make sure your pitch lays out important aspects of your personal brand. Highlight your following's size, demographics, engagement rate, and what you're open to.

Keep everything to the point. Brands don't have time to investigate a full biography about you. Personalize the letter so they can feel your genuine desire to partner with them.

This tactic works best with small companies. Established brands usually employ a stricter process in their PR departments. Some don't even accept proposals like this from social influencers.

Negotiate The Sponsorship

Even if you're lucky enough to hear back from the brand, there is still a long way ahead to go.

Carefully mull over the response you receive before making any decision. Fitness companies may require more information or send you a counter-proposal.

Seek assistance from a professional consultant if you're unsure about the sponsorship agreement.

Negotiate The Sponsorship With Fitness Company

Negotiate The Sponsorship With Fitness Company & Check the terms and conditions carefully before signing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Pay Attention To A Sponsorship's Agreement?

In general, review your responsibilities and payments.

Check how often the brands expect you to post to your profiles. Don't forget the clauses about what you can and can't post.

Don't enter an exclusive sponsorship if you don't want it. The agreement may forbid you from promoting other brands.

See if the agreement length is fine with you. A long sponsorship offers more security but may tie your hands if you want to try new things.

Find out the industry standard for your sponsorship. Know how much people usually charge brands and avoid receiving anything less.

How To Get Sponsored By A Fitness Company Suitable For My Profile?

Make sure the products and the brand’s commitments are compatible with your audience.

Give some thought to your general social media strategy. Weigh up how the brand can help you achieve your goals.

Some small influencers come desperate for money and exposure. They are willing to partner with any brand out there.

This careless selection doesn't work out every time and can come back to bite you. When possible, narrow the choice down according to your long-term branding vision.

Will I Be Able To Live Comfortably From Just Being Sponsored?

Not at first. Sometimes a sponsorship only comes with free products, and that's it. Don’t expect a full-time career out of it until you start picking up more brand sponsorships.

Be mindful about your revenue stream and diversify it, so you don't depend only on sponsorship deals.

How Much Do Sponsored Fitness Athletes Make? Can I Earn As Much As They Do?

Elite athletes are favorite partners of brands. You will need a huge following like many well-known athletes to strike an extra lucrative deal with sponsoring companies.

The actual amount varies depending on your popularity. Low level athletes often only get free clothings, products, and a percentage of every sale.

Meanwhile, top-tier fit athletes may receive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

How Do I Keep A Sponsorship Once I Get It?

Do everything you're required to do. Common obligations are posts on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. You may also have to film a commercial or come to the brand's events in bigger gigs.

You represent the image and reputation of a brand. Make sure not to behave recklessly, which leads to serious repercussions. This applies to both online and offline worlds, public and private occasions.

Do your duty with the fitness brands

Do your duty with the fitness brands

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The age of social media has opened the gate for everyone. Learning how to get sponsored by a fitness company isn’t just for celebrities.

You don't need to be a Kardashian to lure a sponsor from the fitness industry. Your relatively small following can be a valuable asset if you utilize it correctly.

So, how do I get companies to sponsor me?

In short, follow these steps:

  • Build a distinct profile with engaging content.
  • Find a company that fits your personal brand.
  • Reach out and propose your offerings.
  • Come to an agreement.
  • Fulfill your obligations.

All things considered, know your strengths and impact. Take advantage of them, and more attractive sponsorships will come your way.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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