Detailed Guideline: How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App?

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App

How much does it cost to create a fitness app? How can I make my workout apps? Read on to learn all basic knowledge about the development process and cost!

With the rapid growth of innovative technologies and social media platforms nowadays, fitness enthusiasts have more opportunities to be actively involved with or achieve their training sessions and SMART personal goals. At the same time, fitness experts are also facilitated in maximizing their coaching content, and fitness products reach.

In other words, both personal and business goals can be achieved via the exploitation of trending technology. For fitness experts who want to maximize their reach and interaction with potential users, gaining insights into custom fitness apps and the core demands of the targeted niche is critical.

In this blog, we will provide all basic knowledge regarding workout applications and give answers to some common questions you might have, like “How do I make my own fitness app?” or “How much does it cost to create a fitness app?”

We have pulled it all together for you, so let's get started!

Let's Figure Out How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App

Let's Figure Out How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App

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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App?

In fact, the fitness app development cost is affected by some factors. You must take these factors into consideration before diving into the main process!

Factors Influence The Cost


One of the first things that affect the cost is the essential features you want to integrate into the health apps.

Apart from core features such as the login system, search engines, filters, push notifications & recommendations, and payments, other advanced features might cost you a lot more than expected.

The recommender system in a basic fitness app might include an average calorie counter that shows users how many calories burned jogging in place or systematic information on the minimum time of certain physical activities for fat-burning.

Meanwhile, advanced activity tracking apps include additional features that offer users more control in tracking their fitness levels. For example, users can get detailed guidelines from the tracker apps about a daily exercise routine, diet plans, water intake, etc., based on their health condition.

You possibly need to pay a big amount of periodical update costs for proper operation, as well. So, how much does it cost to maintain a fitness app? – It depends on the list of features included in the custom workout apps. Consider your desired features carefully to minimize the cost.

Complexity of Features

A personal trainer app with smart and unique features will surely gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the fitness app market. However, the more complex the application is, the more you pay – Complex design always requires much more development time, resources, and effort to complete than a simple one.

Complexity of Features Leads To How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App

Complexity of Features Leads To How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitness App


The cost of exercise apps also varies depending on the country where the development team operates.

The cost of developing a basic mobile fitness app:

  • The UK and USA range from $49,000 to $175,500.
  • Eastern Europe ranges from $24,500 to $58,500.

The price of building an advanced mobile fitness app:

  • The UK and USA vary between $69,000 and $265,500.
  • Eastern Europe varies between $34,500 and $88,500.


Now, decide the platforms on which you plan to launch your application. Do research and competitor business analyst for preference.

Each channel/platform has its own set of costs to consider. If you wish to launch on several platforms, the cost will skyrocket because each of them has different coding and set of criteria.

IT Service

There is a great price gap between an in-house team and a web design partner regarding IT service pricing.

Due to the difficulty of hiring experienced IT professionals, engaging an internal team can be quite risky and expensive. In detail, you can not expect or demand a flawless finished product from an internal team. On average, the expense for this option might come over $30k in 42 days per developer.

Working with an experienced team, on the other hand, can bring you a more satisfying result –  your project becomes less risky yet costs higher than the first option.

Average Cost for Fitness App Making

Overall, it is hard to tell the exact amount of money a workout application requires because there are many factors involved in the process.

On average, we can estimate an approximate $50-100K for an app with key functionality and $100-500K for one with extended features.

What Are Things You Must Consider Before Creating a Fitness App?

Competitor Analysis

As there are so many mobile fitness apps available on the market, you should find out the ultimate solution that can set your product apart from the competition.

Examining your rivals' product features, design quirks, platforms, customer reviews on exercise app review blogs, etc., are all good moves you should make to optimize the performance of your product.

You Must Consider Competitor Analysis Before Creating a Fitness App

You Must Consider Competitor Analysis Before Creating a Fitness App

Target Market

While analyzing other apps, do not forget to identify your target niche – learn about the demographics of users who are more likely to be attracted by your product, as well as the remarkable issues these individuals normally have with this type of application.

Some key categories you can rely on include: ages, gender, goals, and country. Try to gain the most detailed information to develop an effective strategy.

Feature & Design

No one prefers an unappealing design and slow content pace. People are more likely to an easy-to-use applications with high efficiency in supporting their fitness goals.

Hence, take into account the true value your product can offer the target market and why they should spend the money on it but not other applications.

An easy-to-use applications will be important factor to be considered

An easy-to-use applications will be important factor to be considered


You can save expenditures and attract the audience by creating only the essential functionality.

During this step, quality assurance engineers will check for bugs and errors in your application to ensure that it meets the criteria. Then they report faults to software developers to fix all the issues.


After completing the product, you can publish it on Google Play, App Store, or any other platform. Now, app store optimization, screens, product icon, and description are all things to consider here.


A perfect IT service vendor will help your project go smoothly with satisfactory results. We suggest you consider collaborating with a team of professionals that has a high reputation and enough experience.

How To Create a Great Fitness App?

In this section, we will provide you with a quick guideline on how to create a great workout app.

  • Stage 1

Sketch out your ideas and all key factors to consider, like the target market, potential customers, and financial resources.

With this specific plan, you will gain a better overview of your project process and what needs to be completed.

  • Stage 2

The next step is to conduct a good business analysis into trends, markets, and competitors to figure out a detailed project roadmap.

This roadmap will tell you when and how to develop each step in the project for the desired result.

  • Stage 3

According to your idea and demands, the design team will start building up the product.

  • Stage 4

This is the most challenging part of the development procedure. At this stage, the IT team will develop a completed version of your application and test for bugs and errors until no fault is available.

The number of repetitions and development rely on the software platform, functionalities, integrations, and the team's ability.

  • Stage 5

Now that you have completed your fitness trainer app, launch it on your owned website or paid platforms like App Store and Google Play.

All you have to do now is wait for your user's reaction and learn what needs to be streamlined, enhanced, fixed, or added to the core functionality using these insights.

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How much does it cost to create a fitness app? – There is no exact answer to this question, as it depends on various factors.

Because there are different factors that influence the expense, it would be best to consider every key element carefully and keep track of the development process for efficient optimization and expenditure minimization.

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