How Much Do Female Fitness Models Make? – 3 Factors You Should Know

Do You Know How Much Do Female Fitness Models Make

Want to become a sports model? Or just simply wondered how much do female fitness models make? Read this blog to learn essential info related to this topic!

Along with the growth of awareness towards a healthy lifestyle and the popularity of fitness influencers on a particular social media platform, there showed an increase in fitness career opportunities. Amongst trendy jobs in the health career field, professional fitness models, especially female models, appears as the most popular one.

It is inevitable if you possibly confuse or mistake fit modeling for sports modeling. However, these two terms actually hold some remarkable differences. A catwalk model works for fashion agencies within the fashion industry, while a sports model only works for fitness modelling agencies within the fitness industry.

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If they are two different things, then what exactly does a female sports model do? How much do female fitness models make? Who is the highest paid fitness model? What are the requirements? Read on this blog for details!

How Much Do Female Fitness Models Make?

Depending on the following factors, the salary of female sports models will fluctuate based on:


What Types Of Job Do Female Fitness Models Do?

In general, models rely on their slim, athletic bodies to make money. They model in different ways and are paid differently depending on the work.

There are several types of modeling jobs that a female sports model does:

  • Work with photographers:

Specifically, they will make models and pose for photoshoots. This job will not be very comfortable because they have to stand for hours. This is usually for new models who have just entered the profession or are self-employed.

  • Act in commercial modeling videos that promote fitness products.

Sports models can also perform at fitness fashion shows, just like the runways of high fashion models. They appear in magazines as well.

  • Self-promote on social platforms.

There are ones who self-promote on social media platforms like Instagram & Twitter to build their online portfolio. They are influencers, posting photos on Instagram or videos on Youtube, etc. So, how do fitness influencers make money? Some companies or brands will sponsor their posts and pay for the product placements.

Besides being charged by job or hourly, the female sports model can also be paid monthly. For a stable income, they will sign a contract and work with an agency.

Female Fitness Models Salary

Modeling for photographers, if photographers sell photos to companies, they will receive 50% of that amount.

How about those who are working mainly on social media platforms? How much does Instagram fitness models make?

How Much Do Female Fitness Models Make

How Much Do Female Fitness Models Make

If they model for top sports magazines, they get paid $500 to $5000 for a layout. And the revenue will be $1000 to $2000 a day if they appear in fashion shows.

With influencers, depending on the fame that they will be sponsored and get paid more or less for their posts.

If you type down who is the richest fitness influencer on Google search,  Kayla Itsines will be shown as the top result ($63 million approx.).

Those who work under an agency will receive a recurring salary from $40,000 – $70,000, depending on the job.

Salary Ranking

In the United States, female fitness models' salaries are mostly in the 25th to 75th percentile ($27,000 to $53,500). There are people earning as high as the 90th percentile ($70,000 per year) and those who earn as low as $18,000.

What Are The Requirements For Fitness Models?

How do I get into fitness modeling? – As mentioned above, your physique is what you need first to be qualified for this career.

You don't need to have a very good-looking face because your body type and shape are the deciding factors. Hence, make sure you have a proper exercise and nutrition regimen to maintain your figure.

Finding a suitable agency to work with is also very important. It would be best if you do research about the reputation of the agency before preparing to get in contact with them. Despite the fact that you can simply be self-employed and have more freedom, working with an agency offers more opportunity and support.

What Are The Requirements For Fitness Models

What Are The Requirements For Fitness Models

What Can You Do To Pursue This Career?

Higher education won't be so important. You only need a high school diploma to pursue this career. Furthermore, attending a modeling school is recommended. You will learn how to change your demeanor and catwalk – something many models can not do.

How long do fitness models workout a day to be famous in this industry? You might ask. In fact, there is no exact answer to this question because each individual will have a different schedule.

They normally do the cardio workout twice a week with a minimum time of an hour for each section. Take note that this is only the minimum workout time!

Next, be more proactive with your career. The trend of people gradually preferring access to free content will push the social network to grow further.

So, take advantage of social platforms and build your reputation and awareness there. It's better than just sitting around and waiting for a brand to keep an eye on you one day.

You can also build your own brand. If you don't like working under someone, this is a good option as you can work on your own. Yet, it will be very challenging and requires more skills.

Agree that there are models who can freelance, but brands will mainly find models through agencies. Not having a hosting company will likely reduce your chances of earning money.

In addition, be proactive and take part in related competitions in local areas. As agencies or brands often seek new potential talents via these events, you can have a chance to impress them or expand your professional network.

What Factors Affect A Female Fitness Model Salary?

After considering how much do female fitness models make, then time to figure out which factors contribute to female fitness model income.

Interestingly, females are often paid more than males, even in the bodybuilding industry. Similar to models of other fields, the salary of a female fitness model is affected by some factors:

  1. The first factor is experience. Of course, the more experienced you are, the more money you get.
  2. The second is the level of public recognition of the model. In other words, how famous you are.
  3. Another thing that affects the salary is age. Younger models are more likely to get hired than those who are considered “old.”

What Tips Are Critical In Successfully Earning Money From This Job?

The important thing in this profession is to be proactive in your work. Raise your self-awareness, build a great online portfolio that will reflect your reputation. In this way, you will be able to catch the attention of brands more easily.

Always pay attention to your body shape. You make money from it, that's the most important thing. Stay motivated and maintain a hard-training lifestyle to keep your body in top shape.

What Tips Are Critical In Successfully Earning Money From Fitness Models

What Tips Are Critical In Successfully Earning Money From Fitness Models

Furthermore, stay on top of new trends. Actively follow health companies, magazines, websites, and influencers to catch the trend. You can then limit your interest by deciding where your goals are. This is the key to getting the best out of your array!

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Overall, how much do female fitness models make? – There is no exact answer, as their salary varies upon many factors. Still, the average amount of salary they earn will be around $40,000 to $70,000 yearly.

Although it is not easy at all to succeed in this fast-growing and competitive industry, hard work will get you the best result.

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