How Much Do Cycling Instructors Make? The Answer May Surprise You

You can work as a personal cycling instructor for a specific cyclist and client or host a whole class

Have you ever thought of becoming a cycling instructor and wondered how much do cycling instructors make? Read on if you want to make a profit from it.



How much do cycling instructors make? This question must have crossed your mind several times.

Cycling is among the most popular exercises, easy and inexpensive to take up, and beneficial to cyclists.

So have you ever dreamt of turning this hobby into a job? If the answer is Yes, let’s find out how much you can earn from your passion!

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What Do Cycling Instructors Do?

How much do cycling instructors make? What do they do to earn a living? The answer will surprise you!

You can work as a personal cycling instructor for a specific cyclist and client or host a whole class. There are both outdoor spin classes and indoor cycling classes in a cycling studio.

The main job is to teach them the proper methods and techniques to exercise with a bike. The popular instructors should be specialized in such areas as spinning and group classes.

You can work as a personal cycling instructor for a specific cyclist and client or host a whole class

You can work as a personal cycling instructor for a specific cyclist and client or host a whole class

Their duties will surely involve improving aerobic fitness and teaching proper cadence. They also teach basic bike maintenance steps.

They should earn various physical qualifications and credentials in such field. This way, they can get noticed and have more opportunities to lead large classes,

Fulfilling a cycling instructor’s duties will require various skills and traits. Communication skills, observation skills, and patience after heavy physical exertion are a few.

What Is The Salary Of A Coach For Cyclists?

Average Income Of A Cycling Instructor

In the United States, the average annual income of a cycling instructor on December 17th, 2021, is $69,265 per year, estimated.

To give simple salary estimates, this means you will receive approximately $33.30 per hour, equivalently $1,332 per week, and $5,772 per month. It is a reasonable salary.

Cycling instructors’ annual salaries tend to range from $42,000 to around $83,500.

Surprisingly, the top earners receive annual revenues of up to $104,000 across the United States.

How much do lifetime cycle instructors make? It depends on various factors, including locations. The demand for cycling trainers varies in different locations, resulting in different salaries.

Highest Paying Cities For Cycling Instructors

The statistics have shown ten cities where the average salary of a cycling instructor is above the overall national average figure.

San Mateo, Berkeley, Daly City, Richmond, Irvine, Odessa, Stamford, Orange, Bellevue, and San Francisco are on the list.

The top three cities show an average annual income of cycling instructors of above $80,000. In other countries, the average salaries are above $75,000.

Changing locations as a cycling instructor brings various opportunities for economic bloom. Shortly, the cycling instruction job will surely make more profits.

What Factors Influence A Cycling Instructor’s Income?


Working in any city center location will increase your potential earnings. There tend to be many more gyms and fitness centers in such places than remote locations.

The demand for fitness instructors like cycling coaches is, thus, higher accordingly.

But it doesn’t mean that other remote locations have no potential for this job. As long as you have excellent qualifications, you can break the ground and make profits in those places.

Freelance Roles

Most fitness professionals are likely to work on a freelance basis nowadays. They tend to hold group classes at local gyms or fitness centers with stationary bikes.

You can choose this working basis for its convenience and freedom. As a freelance fitness instructor, your income will depend on your schedules, client base, and need to rent any needed type of facility.

How Much Do Cycling Instructors Make

Freelance Cycling Instructor

Independent Fitness Instructor

The highest pay belongs to those running their own business. While starting your business from scratch involves a lot of effort and time.

Getting a cycling sponsor , setting up the fitness center, and creating sales and marketing strategies are just a few tasks.

However, it is worth your investment, as your business will bring you unlimited earnings!

Hours Worked

The number of working hours is not always clearly shown on job sites, so cycling instructors’ average income is not 100% accurate.

You can get a better idea of your potential wage by multiplying your offered hourly rate by the number of your expected working hours.


The more experienced you are, the more you will earn in any industry. That’s also the case of a cycling instructor.

If you have hands-on experience and qualifications, your average spin instructor salary will be much higher.

Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Riding Coach

What Does It Take To Become A Cycling Instructor?

Before deciding to become a cycling instructor, check the following skills and personality traits:

  • Confident and able to thrive in settings where you receive the spotlight of attention.
  • Get acquainted with early starts.
  • Be fresh and creative to inspire others.
  • Be open to constant routine changes.
  • Willing to work freelance.

Besides those traits, one of the most important things to become a spin instructor is to get certified.

After getting the working license and other qualifications, you can work in a training facility. Cooperating with other instructors will also work wonders.

What Is The Best Certification For Cycling Instructors?

There are various certificates for a cycling instructor, but here are the four most common and crucial ones:

What Is The Best Certification For Cycling Instructors_

What Is The Best Certification For Cycling Instructors_

  • ISSA Indoor Certification: Your class will focus on regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Certification: Four spinning certifications are available here, each building off of the other. Completing them all will make you a rockstar in your chosen field.

  • NETA’s Certification: Its job is to certify health and fitness professionals and offer the right teaching programs.
  • AFAA Certification: The Athletics and Fitness Association of America has inspired people through their movement. It provides nationally standardized guidelines for fitness professionals and personal trainers.
  • ASFA’s Online Certification. The American Sports And Fitness Association aims to provide quality testing. It also supports trainers with further education needs.

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We bet you have had a much better idea of cycling instruction jobs. How much do cycling instructors make? The answer depends on various factors.

You will surely profit from this career path with your excellent skills and good qualifications! So why not take up your passion for a lifetime career path?

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