How Many Cycling Miles Per Week? Ready To Figure Your Number

How Many Cycling Miles Per Week_ Let's Figure Your Number

You are wondering about how many cycling miles per week? The following article will satisfy you by providing a clear and detailed answer. Let’s dive into it.



How many cycling miles per week? When you are new to biking, many questions may come to your mind. The frequency of practice is one of the most regular queries among cyclists.

Is cycling 100 miles a week good? Or is 30 miles a week good cycling? What is the proper and beneficial choice for yourself? You can figure it out with the information below.

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How Many Cycling Miles Per Week?

How Many Cycling Miles Per Week_ Get Ready To Change Your Routine

How Many Cycling Miles Per Week_ Get Ready To Change Your Routine

To start, let’s forget the specific number, as actually, the answer to our today’s question is not the same for everyone. The amount per week depends on your target, health, terrain, and other similar factors.

To understand clearly, we should go through some examples. If you are a starter in this exercise, a weekly distance of 10 or 15 miles seems enough. But this number does not work for people with long-time bike riding experience.

Next, if your biking purpose is to lose weight, you should complete at least 20 miles. However, if you are practicing for a competition, such a number should not be your workout.

Similarly, you can guess the difference between riding on normal road conditions and doing that on uneven and difficult terrain. The road in the residential area and the mountain road are the two most typical contrasting examples.

Above are a few comparisons for your clarification. Now, you may get the thought that the weekly average mileage relies on many elements.

But what are exactly the most influencing ones? We will point it out now in the next section below.

Affecting Factors That You Should Know To Decide Your Distance

Many variables can impact the calculation of the best distance for rides per week. Below are the ones playing the biggest roles in answering the question of how many cycling miles per week.

Take everything into account.

Take everything into account.

Your Goal

It’s not hard to realize that different goals require different practices. A person who goes biking for fun or fitness will not need to do a lot like someone riding for weight reduction.

If you just go leisure biking, only around two miles every day are good. This means the weekly number is about 12-14 miles.

When riding to prepare to participate in a competition, you may need to go up to 20-50 miles per day, depending on the types of contests. But you should start with a small volume first, then raise it day by day.

Focusing on the number of calories burnt per mile is more important than the weekly milage if the goal is weight loss. Also, do not forget that this purpose requires your regularity of biking.

Your Health

Your health and your age will determine how your body reacts to biking; thus, they decide your riding miles. When you are in your twenty days, it’s easier to ride longer than at seventy years.

You should also think about your medical history, especially if you have any chronic conditions like heart disease or arthritis. In necessary cases, you can consult your doctor to ensure that your biking will not worsen your issues.

Your Experience

Your past has a strong effect on your fitness level, which contributes to the length of your ride. An experienced cyclist with many years of bike riding can reach 50 miles per day, while a starter seems hard to pass this level.

In other words, the cycling performance of a long-time rider is different from the result of a beginner cyclist. If you are new, remember to start with small numbers and improve your distance gradually. Your body needs time to get acquainted and also to recover after exercising.

Your Route

Of course, cycling on rough terrain will be harder than flat terrain. Therefore, the former will require more time and energy for the same distance.

Cycling uphill and downhill is not easy, so consider your route carefully before setting a specific goal.

The terrain can affect a lot.

The terrain can affect a lot.

Your Type Of Bike

Different bikes  with different weights and designs will affect the length of your ride. When you are on a lighter bicycle, it’s easier to go further than a heavy one.

Besides, riding some types of bikes, for instance, a mountain bike, will require more skills and techniques from cyclists. This will make your biking slower in case you are not familiar with such a bike type; then, your distance can be shorter.

Useful Takeaways For Effective Cycling

Now, you may no longer wonder how many cycling miles is a good workout or is cycling 20 miles a week good. However, you should go through the following tips to have more effective exercise hours.

Firstly, do not go too hard on the first days of cycling, even if you are excited. It can cause problems for your body and your health. Please increase the amount bit by bit before tackling any distance challenges.

Secondly, in cycling, regularity and consistency are important. Short distances for many days per week are better than long distances for only 1-2 days per week.

Thirdly, remember to prepare suitable clothing before your ride. Bike shorts, bibs, helmets, shoes, or even gloves should be carefully chosen for safe and nice biking.

Get the right gears.

Get the right gears.

Fourthly, you should invest in some essential equipment if it is affordable for you. For example, smart bike trainers can help you a lot on rainy days.

Besides, you can track your heart rate with a heart rate monitor to know your heart health and your level of fitness. Thanks to it, you can decide your distance more properly.

Last but not least, a mixture will bring you more fun and health benefits. You can make it diverse by combining short rides with a fast pace and long rides with moderate pace together.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to stick to one terrain. Trying different terrains will bring you different feelings and motivation. Besides conquering new areas, viewing scenery also makes cycling more enjoyable.

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From the above analysis, the answer to the question “How many cycling miles per week” is not fixed. It varies depending on various factors, including purpose, health, experience, terrain, and bike type.

Thus, please consider your specific situation to decide your suitable volume. Besides, do not forget our tips for better and healthier cycling.

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