How Many Cycling Jerseys Do I Need: Way To Choose The Best

How Many Cycling Jerseys Do I Need_ Way To Choose The Best

How many cycling jerseys do I need? Which is the best choice for me? This post will show you all the answers! Check here out now to discover more.



You will often see cyclists wearing unique cycling jerseys. And for amateurs, we will always ask, “Are cycling jerseys necessary?” and “How many cycling jerseys do I need?”.

This post is to solve all your puzzles. Keep reading to know the answer and discover which jerseys suit you best. If you're ready, let's get started!

How Many Cycling Jerseys Do I Need?

How Many Is Enough?

Cycling Frequency

Before determining the amount, you need to consider how many times a week you cycle. Of course, someone who drives twice a week will need a different number of jerseys than someone who cycles 5-6 times a week.

An ideal number is often chosen as n+1, where n is the number of times you cycle weekly. To clarify, if you drive three times a week, the ideal number of jerseys would be 4. Or you can even buy a few more to reserve because it doesn't have to be a fixed number.

How Many Cycling Jerseys Do I Need_ Way To Choose The Best

How Many Cycling Jerseys Do I Need – Way To Choose The Best

Your Budget

The price of a cycling kit can range from $50 to $300. Depending on your budget, you can consider how much is enough for you.

For example, when there is a budget of $500, someone will choose to buy five jerseys for $100/piece, or someone will choose to buy 2 for $250. Don't forget to consider their quality before making a final decision.

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What Is The Point Of Cycling Jerseys? Why Do I Need Them?


Do cycling jerseys make a difference? Absolutely!

A dedicated cycling jersey is designed to make you have more comfortable cycling time. They're all hard to find in conventional products, from supportive designs to breathable materials.

No matter if it's dry or cold weather, you'll sweat if you ride a lot. A cotton-fabric shirt isn't absorbent and can't handle sweat. That's why a jersey is essential to wick away sweat and keep you warm in the cold weather simultaneously.

Jersey supports you in rides with more comfort

Jersey supports you in rides with more comfort

Support Riding

As you get more comfortable, the performance also increases. Of course, you won't be able to give your best or perform your heart out with a shirt that's too tight, tight, and sweaty inside.

A snug fit supports you in your movements and movements. Combined with the inherent comfort, you can easily show off your skills and control the bike for the best results.

Extra Pockets

Imagine, where do you keep your phone when cycling? Jersey pockets provide great support when you can't ban it in your hand or wear a bag around.

Many items include at least one or two pockets for you to keep your stuff. There is no need to worry about dropping it during your ride; just enjoy the moment.

Don’t you know how to utilize these pockets? Check this video out to know how to pack cycling jersey pockets like a pro!

Skin Protection

You may have seen or been exposed to sunburn from riding in the sun for a long time. These UV rays are very harmful to the skin and can lead to skin cancer.

A cycling jersey contributes to protecting your skin. Choosing full-length jerseys with good quality is advisable to protect your skin most effectively.

Covering Butt Cracks

Many jerseys are designed with a longer back to cover your butt cracks to make you safe, and you won't be embarrassed in public. This is an advantage over a traditional one.

Do You Wear Anything Under A Cycling Jersey?

Now, you’ve got the answer to the question: Do I need a cycling jersey?

But many people are concerned about if we should wear anything under jerseys and whether they affect their performance. The answer for this is possible, especially when you're riding in cool and cold weather.

However, this does not mean that you can wear anything under it. For example, a cotton T-shirt isn't a good choice. You can consider an undergarment or base layer for better performance.

Thin and wicking materials are preferred. Don't ignore its size and choose the item which is skin tight to you.

Undergarment or base layer is ideal to wear under a jersey

Undergarment or base layer is ideal to wear under a jersey

How To Choose The Best Cycling Jersey?


If you do your research, you can see that most products on the market today are made from synthetic blends. This material is designed to increase sweat absorption and enhance breathability to keep you comfortable and dry.

For those who love natural materials, merino wool is the ideal choice. This fleece has the property of being soft and keeping warm well when wet.

Furthermore, it has a natural deodorizing ability making it ideal for base coats. Even if you have sensitive skin, this material is quite safe for your skin.


Please pay attention to the size before choosing to buy. Many people mistakenly believe that the tighter the cycling jerseys, the better, but this is not true.

A too-tight product will make it difficult for you to move and not feel comfortable. However, one that is too wide will reduce the sense of flexibility.

Choose proper cycling clothing that is comfortable to wear without being too entangled or difficult to perform.

Fit jersey will properly fit the cyclist's body

Fit jersey will properly fit the cyclist's body

Features & Technologies

What features can you look for in a cycling jersey?

  • Elasticated cuffs: It will prevent your sleeve from rotating and keep drafts at bay.
  • Zipped pocket: At least one zipped pocket is required to keep your valuables safe.
  • Glass wipe: Micro panel inside will support you to wipe your glass quickly and back to the race.
  • Ventilation: High breathability is required to allow perspiration, avoiding the feeling of dampness and suffocation.


  • Active Jersey: For relaxing riding with a leisure position. If you have a weekend coffee ride, take this one.
  • Performance Jersey: Ideal for fast club rides or training. It has a more fitted cut and fits your skin.
  • Race Jersey: This type of cycling clothing will be very tight and short to your body. This one is preferred on race or competition.
  • Foul Weather Jersey: Comes with breathable fabrics and some include technical fabrics; it will keep you warm in cold weather or wet weather to enhance performance.

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Have you had the answer to the question “How many cycling jerseys do I need“? Expectedly, this post provides you with understandable and informative knowledge.

There is no fixed number for jerseys you should have. You can consider your cycling frequency and budget to find out the best ones for yourself. When buying, don't forget to check out the buying guide to choose the one that suits you most.

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