How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn? – A Surprising Figure For You!

How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn

If you are looking for an effective method to lose weight, boxing will be a great choice! So how many calories does fitness boxing burn? Here is the answer!



Boxing classes are enjoying all the hype at the moment for their physical benefits! Boxing is a high-intensity interval training that can burn a great number of calories and sculpt your body. So how many calories does fitness boxing burn to be exact?

Giving the punching bags some serious hooks will surely burn more calories each hour than most other sports. Besides burning calories, the sport brings a wide range of incredible benefits. Keep scrolling down to learn more.

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How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn?

The number of calories burnt during the training session depends on your chosen boxing type, your weight, and your heart rate. You want to wear proper boxing apparel and wrestling footwear to burn more calories per hour and fulfill the initial weight loss purposes.

Overall, on average, you can burn 800 cals in one hour of fitness boxing. In comparison, walking burns only 250 cals, while running burns 550 cals per hour.

If you follow an intense program like this video, you may even burn more.

Here are specific figures for different stages:

Getting Started

At the beginning of a boxing class, you will not immediately burn a tremendous number of calories. Here, you need to follow your instructors, learn basic techniques, and warm up to get your muscles ready.

The warm-up includes a 60-minute standing and stretching session. The first activity can get rid of around 95 cals. Plus, stretching will burn 280 cals per hour.

Training in a boxing gym will greatly boost your heart rate, urging your body to require more oxygen. The more oxygen you take in, the more calories you can burn.

Working The Heavy Bag

During a 60-minute training session, you will likely spend half the time hitting the heavy bag. Another 30 minutes will focus on exercising proper techniques of footwork and punching combinations.

This session can burn around 300 cals per hour.

Punching The Bag For 15 Minutes

It is worth noting that your body weight determines the number of calories you burn. On average, you can get rid of 2.75 cals for each pound in each training hour.

How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn In Punching The Bag

How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn In Punching The Bag

Specifically, in a 15-minute body workout, an average 170-pound man can burn 160 cals in his 20s, 124 cals in his 30s, and 126 cals in his 40s.

Women tend to burn fewer calories than the opposite sex as they weigh less. Punching a bag for 15 minutes can help women get rid of 94 to 104 cals.

Punching The Bag For 30 Minutes

How many calories do you burn in 30 minutes of boxing? 230 to 260 cals is a reliable figure when punching the bag for half an hour. For women, the number will likely be between 180 and 205 cals.

If this workout session lasts longer, its intensity will gradually decrease. Thus, your final results might be lower than you have expected.

Taking multiple high-intensity punching periods of five to ten minutes will maintain the level of intensity for the entire workout. Other training options like jumping rope drills and speed bags will increase the burnt calories.

This method also decreases the risk of repetitive stress injuries and can burn from 800 to 900 cals per hour.

Sparring With Other Boxers

Sparring with other boxers can boost your spirits and engagement. This activity involves using much attention, effort, and footwork. It requires you to absorb or block your partners’ attacks while finding the chance to hit back.

A one-hour sparring session will likely burn 650 cals for a 155-pound boxer and 780 cals for a 190-pound boxer.

How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn While Sparring With Other Boxers

How Many Calories Does Fitness Boxing Burn While Sparring With Other Boxers

Incorporate Other Exercises

Incorporating other exercises into your workout regime is a great way to burn extra calories and improve your game. We all have seen how Rocky Balboa did his glorious run. Running will increase your stamina greatly.

If you do not want to do roadwork, you may jog in place . This exercise can bring a similar effect in terms of both burning calories and increasing stamina.

Why Is Boxing A Better Choice Than Other Activities?

Serious Calorie Burner

Boxing is a high-impact workout that burns more calories than any other type of cardiovascular exercise. Generally, a typical session burns up to 1,000 cals.

Fitness boxing is a great choice for you if you do not want to get too technical or afraid of injuries.

Burns Belly Fat

The high-intensity nature makes the sport excellent at burning visceral fat around the waist. Belly fat often comes with a higher rate of various diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Boxing can reduce this stubborn fat and medical risks.

Burns Belly Fat

Burns Belly Fat

Works The Entire Body

Can fitness boxing help you lose weight? The answer is an absolute YES!

The sport involves all your muscle groups, especially when combined with constant punching, shadow boxing, speed bad, or jumping rope. This way, you don’t need anything else for your daily workout routines.

Decreases Stress

Any form of physical activity has a wonderful effect on our mental health, and so does this sport. It can increase endorphins, boost your moods, and improve sleeping patterns.

Increases Cardiovascular Health

The sport increases heart rate monitor, requiring you to consume more oxygen. Thanks to it, your overall health, especially cardiovascular conditions, can get better.

Teaches Self-Defense

Even though it is a modified version for fitness, it is still a great preparation to defend yourself when needed. You will be more confident in real-life situations and know what to do with potential threats.

Where To Start?

You should familiarize yourself with the three basic training punches: jab, cross, and hook.


The key thing with a jab is to bring your hand back quickly. So be prepared with your forward lead foot, extended arms, and using two knuckles.


Cross involves practicing for one spot without hurting your back and hands. This method can improve your accuracy, increase power, and add more speed.


A good hook gets your whole body working, so it’s best for those desiring a fit and balanced body. Remember to throw punches with your shoulders instead of your fists when doing a hook.

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Fitness boxing is one of the best physical exercises you can choose. It can burn calories, help lose weight, boost spirits, and improve mental health.

How many calories does fitness boxing burn? We bet that you have found the answer in the above article. The sport will surely make your dream of a hot body come true.

See you next article!

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