How Long Do Cycling Shorts Last? The Reasons Are Really Surprising

How Long Do Cycling Shorts Last_ The Reasons Are Really Surprising

It is important to know how long do cycling shorts last, so you can get new ones at the right time. Take a look at our inspection on these shorts’ longevity.



How long do cycling shorts last? It is a very reasonable concern.

Sports apparel can have a favorable impact on your exercising experience. A worn-down pair of shorts, biking models in specific, may negatively affect the way you feel on your daily routes.

Pay attention to the following elements to get the most out of your shorts.

They are perfect clothing for cycling lovers.

They are perfect clothing for cycling lovers.

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How Long Do Cycling Shorts Last?

The quality of your briefs is top-priority in determining their average life span. If you just grab what everyone is getting and take proper care, the pants should be wearable for three months to a year.

Getting the right fit can ensure your regular shorts last further. The threads would be strained if they were too tight around your legs. Baggy shorts are no-goes, too, as they are prone to more chafing and wrinkling.

The trunks should snug around your thigh tightly.

The trunks should snug around your thigh tightly.

From our collection of cycling apparel, cheap shorts start to lose their shape after 3 to 6 months of use. On the other hand, high-end brands can stay good as new after a year of vigorous use.

For a more accurate measurement, the time you spend wearing the same shorts can mark when they need to be replaced.

If it's been 500 hours since you first put them on, then you probably should get a new pair.

For anywhere between 200 and 400 hours, check if there are any notable quality drops in the shorts. The elasticity of the fabric and padding shapes are what you need to look at.

If you have a pair of cycling bibs and wonder how long does bib shorts last, check out this article .

Signs Of Wear On Cycling Shorts


This elastic piece of fabric is how you can identify cycling shorts. It is what holds your pants in place, giving them a level of flexibility. The waistband prevents the lycra shorts from stretching, preserving their durability for long-term use.

The band itself does not last forever, though. Heavy pedaling can overstretch the band and reduce its endurance. At worst, the strap can snap and render your shorts unusable.


Cycling shorts include the innovative foam padding known as chamois for ultimate comfort. They come in a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses. Some modern versions even have perforation pockets and extra insulation.

The majority of pads contain multiple layers. The cushioning surface is generally done with polyurethane or faux fur. The additional layer often comprises synthetic material that absorbs moisture and restricts bacteria growth.

All padding material is well-known to be quite durable. Most of the time, your shorts would wear out before the chamois do.

Intense sunlight can damage your shorts.

Intense sunlight can damage your shorts.

Cleaning And Maintenance

After a big workout, your cycling shorts are sure to store up sweats. This makes you feel uncomfortable and creates the perfect environment for bad bacteria.

For that reason, taking your briefs for a thorough clean is a no-brainer. Dirty shorts certainly mean a drop in the quality of your gear.

The spandex fabric is susceptible to dirt and debris. These particles slowly collect between the threads, damaging your shorts from the inside.

It is not hard to maintain your garments, so can you reuse cycling shorts?

When you choose to reuse the same pair of cycling shorts for another exercise, the heat and moisture from your skin will give the bacteria a second chance at life.

As long as you clean them carefully after each run, there is no problem. These garments are meant to last for a while so that you can reuse them at any time.

Cleaning your bicycle shorts by hand protects the stretchy, breathable fabrics from the harsh environment inside a washing machine. Some mild soap and cold water wash should do the trick.

But if you want your shorts to get the best care, look for a sportswear-specific detergent. This handy cleaning agent offers antibacterial protection while also preserving the color and texture of your apparel.

How Long Do Cycling Shorts Last_ The Reasons Are Really Surprising

How Long Do Cycling Shorts Last? Enjoy What People Really Experienced

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Cycling Shorts Be Replaced?

The first thing you need to take into account is the fabric quality. A mix of spandex and lycra in the material gives your shorts elasticity and durability.

Such components are vulnerable to the outdoor environment. The thread surface is generally the first one to exhibit indications of degradation. Things like sweat, sunlight, friction, impact, and repeated stretching periods all force you to change your shorts more frequently.

Overall, around 500 miles under sunny weather should damage your shorts enough for replacements.

Do Cycling Shorts Wear Out?

Your cycling shorts will ultimately wear out, just like any other piece of apparel.

A rule of thumb is to change your shorts should the foam cushion in your saddle appears to be deforming. Don't hesitate to get another pair if the seams are tearing or the waistband is drooping.

Are Cycling Shorts Worth It?

Padded bike shorts can make your training rides feel more enjoyable. They allow you to cycle at a higher pace and longer periods. You would want to put these on if you aim for the professional league.

Cycling shorts are sometimes misunderstood to be the same as conventional spandex tights. Bike pants, in reality, are quite pleasant to use and instantly improve your riding pleasure.

The padding relieves strain on your saddle's contact area while also absorbing vibrations from riding. They also help avoid bad saddle sores induced by your legs’ moving friction.

All of this comfort may increase your mile count per week .

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Those were some factors we think are answers to how long do cycling shorts last? As a quick reminder, depending on the quality of the garments and how you use them, they can last anywhere from 3 months to over a year.

How about you? How long have your pairs of shorts been serving you? We are excited to see your results in the comment section!

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