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How Far Is A Cycling Marathon_ - What Cycling Distance Is Equivalent To Running A Marathon_

How far is a cycling marathon? Is it difficult to finish? Here is everything you need to know about a cycling marathon. Double click for more information!



How far is a cycling marathon? Many people often struggle to finish the whole race, telling that it is unbearable to their endurance.

We all know that running a marathon is one of the most formidable tasks in any sport. You have to keep your feet constantly moving on the long road for many hours, which requires a lot of physical and mental health.

In this article, I will give you more details on this worldwide most-loved sport. Scroll down to keep reading, now!

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon?

What Cycling Distance Is Equivalent To Running A Marathon?

Running and cycling are two very distinct sports as they employ different muscle groups during the process. However, they are still related to each other in challenging your endurance.

An international standard length for a full marathon is 26.2 miles. Running 1 mile is approximately equivalent to 3 miles cycling at the same effort level as a rule of thumb.

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon_ - What Cycling Distance Is Equivalent To Running A Marathon_

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon – What Cycling Distance Is Equivalent To Running A Marathon

For the mentioned question, “What cycling distance is equivalent to running a marathon”, the answer will be a 100-mile cycling ride.

You may be thinking, how can the answer be a 100-mile cycling ride? Conducting a simple formula, we will have the supposed answer 26.2 x 3 = 78.6 miles biking.

While this is true, we still need to consider the extreme toll that a marathon race impacts our bodies.

When you run, your legs will receive huge pressure constantly. Meanwhile, that pressure is much more relieving when you are biking. That explains why the answer 100 miles is the most accurate one.

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How Long Are Typical Bike Races?

The length of a bike race depends on what type of it. There are three basic types of races that you should know: time trials, criteriums, and road races.

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon_ - How Long Are Typical Bike Races_

How Long Are Typical Bike Races

Time Trials: Also called “The Race of Truth”, a time trial is the most basic cycling event as it forces you to race against the clock (watch this video to know more). The length of this race is often fixed numbers (10, 25, 50, or 100 miles) or fixed time (12 and 24 hours).

Criteriums: A criterium, also known as a crit, is a cycling race that consists of numerous laps around a closed circuit, with each lap’s length ranging from a half of 1 mile to about 6 miles.

Road Races: When it comes to professional bicycle racing, this type of race is the first to come to many people's minds. Traditional road races are usually between 40 and 100 miles long and can consist of several laps or simply one.

How Long Is A Bike Marathon Km?

Marathon mountain bike races, known as cross-country marathons (XCM), are a strenuous form of mountain biking that typically lasts at least 40 kilometers and takes place in steep terrain.

But in European events, they are usually a bit longer than the XCM ones. In the US and Canada, the marathons' lengths are much higher, normally 100 kilometers, which demand a lot of effort level and dedication to finish.

What Should Be Noted When Participating In A Cycling Marathon?

Prepare Your Gear

You will need to prepare everything for the race on the previous night. It is better that you have a checklist of what you will bring: a cycling top, socks, shoes, gloves, jacket, etc. In some cases, you have to bring your license to join the competition, too.

Build Strength And Skill

Your physical fitness and riding ability should be the first concerns when joining a cycling marathon. Remember to train your muscles and body hard enough to endure the long-lasting riding time. Know your body, know your achievement!

Check Your Bike Over

Give your road bike a complete inspection the day before the event. Make sure that every single part of your bike functions correctly, especially your cycling wheels as they are prone to damage. Once again, do not leave anything untested.

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon_ Check Your Bike Over

Check Your Bike Over

Set Your Target

It is better that you set a goal for your first race. Your target should not really be a winner or even be one of the front runners as it may be impractical or difficult to do.

Experience and completion should be your priority. Really, your first race is a great chance for you to learn and to gain experience that will benefit you to win a race in the future.

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How Long Does It Take To Bike 26.2 Miles?

On average, it will take you approximately one hour and a half to two hours to bike the 26.2-mile length.

Is A 20 Mile Bike Ride Long?

A 20 mile bike ride is the perfect length for a bike ride. Why? It is because it is long enough to benefit your body but short enough to do it without an excuse.

Even if you let go of yourself and have not ridden a bike for a long time, 20 miles is still a conquerable target, as long as you pull out all your best. More interestingly, a few rides like that can get you back into shape quickly.

However, it does not mean that finishing a 20-mile bike ride is straightforward. The difficulty of a 20-mile ride depends on many factors, such as your body’s endurance, riding skill level, the type of your bike, the terrain and weather, as well as the experience you have had before.

Especially with those who are only beginners, they will have more struggles to complete the ride as their bodies have not got used to the intensity of riding a long way.

Do I Need A Training Coach For A Cycling Marathon?

It is always best to have an accompany in any work. Training for a cycling marathon is not an exception.

Hiring a training coach will bring back many benefits to you, which can be divided into three main categories: knowledge, objectivity, inspiration.

How Far Is A Cycling Marathon - A Training Coach For A Cycling Marathon

A Training Coach For A Cycling Marathon


An experienced coach would have tons of useful knowledge to share with you. There are numerous things you should know about a biking marathon, and what is greater than you already having a person who can summarize it all for you?

All you have to do is to listen to his advice, and you will improve your performance significantly in a much shorter time.


A training coach can quickly diagnose the problem that you are facing at a glimpse of his eyes, which you may have difficulty identifying. He will know precisely when your body needs more resting or the modification of your diet, etc.

Moreover, he will pull you down to the ground if he finds your expectations or goals unrealistic. With his impartial perspective, he could point out the issues that we often overlook to know what to enhance.


A good coach will help you overcome difficult times. During your training, you may confront some serious injuries or unexpected obstacles, which can discourage your mind and spirit.

This is when his role proves its significance. He would be your trusted source of strength, a shoulder to cry on, and above all, a friend. Surely, you will quickly gain your confidence and belief back, as well as a huge motivation.

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Now that the question “How far is a cycling marathon” will no longer be a problem to you, thanks to this article. Joining a biking marathon will provide you with a huge number of benefits to your health. What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and enjoy the endless happiness on your next cycling marathon now!

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