Do Cycling Shoes Break In? How To Choose The Fit One?

Do Cycling Shoes Break In_ How To Choose The Fit One

Nothing can make you feel worse than an ill-fitting pair of cycling shoes. But do cycling shoes break in? Join us as we uncover the answer to this question.



Having to break in a new pair of cycling shoes can be a real nuisance for many people. But do cycling shoes break in? You may notice that shoes used for cycling are very close-fitted.

The short answer is that footwear for biking cannot break in. A rule of thumb is to only go for comfortable sportswear. And you should not expect them to break in. So, do you need to break in cycling shoes? Well, you shouldn't have to.

Do Cycling Shoes Break In_ How To Choose The Fit One

Do Cycling Shoes Break In_ How To Choose The Fit One

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Do Cycling Shoes Break In?

The Break-In Period

It is a dreaded time when you first start wearing your new pair of road shoes. Their rough edges will rub against your feet. This can cause major discomfort and even form blisters. 

But once you have become comfortable in your new footwear, it means that the break-in period is over. Keep in mind that not all types of road shoes have this phase. 

Your personal preferences can play a major role in this time. Sole, style, and material affect the length of this period. 

A typical time would be anything between 21 days to a month. A great tip to bypass this phase is not to wear your new sneakers too often. The advisable amount is 1 to 2 hours every other day. This way, your feet and shoes can rest.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes Sole

Cycling Shoes Sole

Unlike casual shoes, cycling shoes don't break in. So if you ask: how long does it take to get used to new cycling shoes? There is no cut-and-dried answer. They can retain their original form and stiffness even after many biking sessions. 

So it is best to try and find a pair that you find most comfortable in. You should know your measurements and ask to try them on before making a buying decision.

For these shoes to work at full potential, you would need to pair them with a compatible set of pedals. This can be a sizable investment since they are not cheap in the first place. 

To facilitate this, your biking footwears come with stiff synthetic material. These allow them to keep their form. 

A big reason they don't break in lies in how they work. These work by always clipping your feet onto your pedals. Clipping helps your pedal stroke become more efficient. 

They need their bottoms to be firm. This enables you to transfer more force to every stroke of the pedals.

Road cycling shoes will be your perfect fit if you want to maximize your biking efficiency. They have the stiffest soles. 

Their cleat placement is three-hole protruding cleats. Their purpose is to connect your feet to your pedals.

How Should A Pair Of Cycling Shoes Fit?

Knowing how a well-fitted pair should feel is important. If you are still confused about how to pick the right ones, check the this video:

They should allow you to snug your heel in with even pressure and little force on the instep. Your feet must not feel any constriction at the sole part. 

Likewise, there needs to be some room left at the tip. Your toes should feel free and movable. 

A well-fitted pair of bike shoes would also have the ability to stabilize your forefeet. They must hold tight without restricting or pinching your feet.

But having footwear that is way too loose is not recommended either. There ought to be no large gap between your skin and the material of the shoes. 

Any folding that the footwear exhibits is also a bad sign. This is why you should always know your exact measurements.

How To Deal With Ill-Fitting Cycling Shoes?

When trying on cycling shoes, avoid buying any pair that cannot provide consistent comfort. This is because they cannot reshape or break-in later on. But should cycling shoes be snug? No, you shouldn't.

Wearing ill-fitting and cheap shoes can cause serious problems. These include numbness and sharp, stabbing pains in your feet. Injuries are more likely, or inevitable even when having them on when biking. 

But do cycling shoes stretch out? 

If you feel uncomfortable, our best advice is to shop for new, better-fitting ones. Although they are expensive shoes, injury prevention should be your number one priority. 

Still, if you are running on a budget and need to stretch them out, try using a hair blower or a lighter.


Are Cycling Shoes Replaceable?

Cycling Pro

Cycling Pro

Cycling ProCasual cycling doesn't require you to have specific accessories made for riding bikes. You can do it with your running shoes, like your Vans or Nike. 

If you are a pro or a sports enthusiast that wants to increase your speed, a pair of athletic shoes will be a great pick-up.

How To Stretch Your Cycling Shoes?

Shoe Stretcher

Shoe Stretcher

Have you ever wondered: “How do I soften my cycling shoes?”. Well, there are some tips to follow: 

  1. You can try heating up the synthetic materials that make up your footwear. Make use of a lighter or a heat gun around the area you need more room. Only keep it at medium heat to prevent melting.
  2. If you notice that only your little toes feel restricted, loosen the shoe straps. You can loosen the strap nearest to the toes, and it might work for you.
  3. You can try to find a fitter or a cobbler to stretch out your specialized shoes. These technicians use a shoe stretcher to make them fit better.

How Long Do Cycling Shoes Last?

Sportswear like shoes, socks, and shorts can last very long. Cycling shoes, in particular, can be the longest-lasting item you might have. Under the right conditions, you will be wearing them for up to 15 years. 

The synthetics create strong shoe housing and a stiff sole. But, they are helpful in other ways. In particular, they make your footwear tough and durable.

Plus, you won't be walking with them that often. They cannot facilitate comfortable feet for jogging or walking anyway. This reduced contact with the ground can minimize wear and tear. You don't have to worry about wearing cycling shoes as much as casual sneakers. 

How To Maintain Your Comfortable Cycling Shoes?

Aa You can follow these handy steps to keep your shoes clean: 

  1. Using a damp cloth, you have to wipe away the dirt and dust.
  2. Then, you need to remove the insoles and loosen the straps up. 
  3. You should prepare a bucket of clean water. Next, put in a little dishwashing soap. 
  4. Soak the shoes into the bucket.
  5. The following step is to scrub them using a soft brush. 
  6. You would want to spend extra time cleaning the buckles and cleats.
  7. Then, you can rinse them in water until the water is clear. 
  8. Finally, dry them. Note that you should never use a dryer.

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In conclusion, we hope you find this informative and helpful to you. Now you know cycling shows cannot break in. The question of Do cycling shoes break in will no longer bother you. You need to keep in mind that always choose the best-fitted option for these types of footwear.

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