Can You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Shorts? – Yes, It Is Recommended

Can You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Shorts_ - Yes, It Is Recommended

Can you wear shorts over cycling shorts? Yes, it is common to have casual shorts over padded cycling shorts to feel more comfortable riding outside!



Can you wear shorts over cycling shorts? – Yes, you might find many cyclists around you wearing two pairs.

It is not that the cycling shorts are not enough. They are breathable and stretchable for you to pedal without restriction.

Shorts for bikers are often tight and contour your legs. You sometimes are not comfortable wearing them alone, though putting on other casual shorts will help.

Then, what pair of shorts go well with cycling shorts?

Can You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Shorts_ - Yes, It Is Recommended

Can You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Shorts? – Yes, It Is Recommended

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Can You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Shorts?

Your question might already be answered. However, we will further discuss why the regular shorts go well with cycling shorts and pick up the two shorts!

An Overview of Cycling Shorts

Do you have any biking-specialized shorts_

Do you have any biking-specialized shorts?

Your legs do a hard workout while riding a bike, so you will want to keep them as relaxed and freely stretchy as possible. Cycling shorts are designed for that purpose.

  • Shorts for cycling have high waistbands and panel construction to support the riding position.
  • Their materials range from synthetic lycra to breathable nylon blends. They also vent on the back panel or bibs straps for cooling airflow.
  • There is almost no excess material; Thus, the shorts provide a close fit to your legs to prevent chafing and wicking moisture from your skin on long rides. The snug fit also compresses your muscles and improves blood flow.
  • Chamois pads of foams, basic fabric, or gels are inserted to cushion and protect sensitive areas from shock. Shorts for cold weather often have thicker and denser pads.
  • Flat seams are standard as well. Remember that cycling shorts are worn next to your skin, and a smooth surface is necessary.

Types Of Cycling Shorts

What are your favorite cycling shorts_

What are your favorite cycling shorts?

Not all cycling shorts are suitable to wear with outer casual shorts.

There are at least three styles available.

  • Waist shorts: An elasticated waistband to secure tight Lycra shorts while riding. Nonetheless, the shorts possibly cut into the stomach.
  • Bib shorts: They are popular with an extension up over the abdomen and straps going over the shoulders. It is more comfortable cycling and bending, but they are a pain when you want to go to the toilet.
  • Baggy shorts: Mountain bikers use baggy shorts to be protected against branches, brambles, or ground. They also come with many pockets and air vents.

Of all, waist shorts cycling bib shorts will be suitable for casual shorts thanks to their lightweight and tidy designs. Meanwhile, baggy shorts are too bulky.

The Benefits Of Two Shorts For Riding

When should cyclists wear two pairs of shorts_

When should cyclists wear two pairs of shorts?

Let's continue with the question, can you wear shorts over cycling shorts? We will mention three reasons why you should do so.

You Hardly Wear Underwear Under Cycling Shorts

Do you wear anything under cycling shorts?

Please do not be surprised!

We already shared that cycling shorts are next to your skin and have a smooth surface. Padded shorts will support essential areas. Thus, you hardly wear underwear with bike shorts.

Underwear under the shorts negates all benefits, such as friction control and moisture management. The underwear can also rub and cause painful saddle sores (or even urinary tract infections) on long rides, and you need many chamois creams.

However, wearing a pair of cycling shorts alone is strange.

A pair of casual shorts is your life-saver to prevent people's eyes from looking at your bottom while you are on a road bike.

Shorts Protects Your Legs From Extreme Weather

Shorts protect your legs from harsh weather.

Imagine you are going outside on a very hot or cold day. Your legs will be exposed to direct sunlight or even strong winds, which causes burns or freezes. As such you should choose waterproof shorts.

Shorts Help You Carry Things

A pair of bike shorts often have simple designs with as few pockets as possible. Carrying small stuff like iPods, keys, earphones, smartphones, etc., is not convenient.

That time, we recommend wearing a casual pair with several zipped pockets.


After having the answer to your main query, you might still be concerned about cycling shorts and hơ to ưear the extra shorts properly. Keep checking several frequently-asked questions.

Can You Wear Two Pairs of Bike Shorts?

Although wearing two pairs of shorts is acceptable while cycling, it seems questionable when you use two bike shorts.

Cycling shorts are very close to the skin and have double materials between the seat, and your legs sound uncomfortably tight and less breathable. You might find a major pain in your crotch.

Interestingly enough, you can still wear two bike shorts as long as they have proper dimensions and extra padding. The outer layer should be a little shorter but bigger than the inner. Moreover, both shorts are stretchy and breathable to improve the airflow and blood flow.

Wearing two pairs is helpful when it is getting colder or when you are on long rides to maintain the dryness.

Do You Wear Shorts Over Cycling Tights?

No, it would help to put the tights over the shorts instead.

Tights have more leg coverage, making them insulated for cold weather. They are more restrictive and with fewer chamois pads in geopolitical regions like the cycling shorts.

When you wear them in the inner, tights add an extra layer that compromises the positions of pads of cycling shorts. In the end, you might suffer from saddle sores and wailing.

What Goes Well With Cycling Shorts?

It is based on your purposes and your weather preferences.

  • If you feel no cycling comfort only to wear padded cycling shorts, find casual shorts that are not too baggy yet still breathable.
  • Otherwise, wear a long graphic tee and sneakers on summer days to not need shorts as an outer layer.
  • Tights or jogging, meanwhile, keep your legs warm during cold months.
  • When not cycling, you can even go downtown with padded bike shorts, mixing them with a blazer, crop top, and baguette bag – as fashionable as Bella Hadid.

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Can you wear shorts over cycling shorts?

Yes, we confirm again. It helps you be more confident while riding outdoors while preventing sunburns or cold winds.

There is nothing wrong as long as you do not wear too tight shorts together. Or else, you can make use of a long tee that covers your bottom.

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