Can You Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats? Yes, For Casual Rides

Can You Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats_ Yes, For Casual Rides

Can you use cycling shoes without cleats? – We confirm that they can be helpful when speed riding is not necessary – for example, casual and mountain cycling.



Can you use cycling shoes without cleats?

It is no longer a secret that proper shoes help you ride more effectively.

While many bike-specific shoes are available, most of them have cleats attached. As a result, you might be wondering whether you can go cycling in your non-cleat shoes.

Cleat shoes surely help but are not always necessary. This article will discuss the pros and cons of cleats and when to use them for cycling purposes.

Can You Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats?

Can You Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats and When?

Can You Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats and When?

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Yes, we confirm you can use regular shoes without cleats in these situations.

  • You are new to cycling.

Believe us, installing and adjusting the cleats will cause you a headache. Supposing that you begin riding, you can start with flat shoes and practice the clipless system after a while.

  • You desire to have a road bike experience rather than racing.

Cleats allow you to transfer more power when cycling to make your bikes faster and faster. However, it is unnecessary to go that fast if you are just road riders who commute around the city.

Not to mention, you will want to walk sometimes. Do you need to stop and exchange regular shoes?

  • You are heading mountain biking.

Mountain bikers can bring along their mountain bike shoes. They often have stiff sole versions and grippy sole ones, and the cleats are abundant.

Cleats also prevent you from lifting your feet quickly and touching the ground when you unfortunately fall. Mountain surfaces are volatile, you know. Serious injuries are possibly expected.

To Have Cleats or Not To Have Cleats: Why It Matters?

What Are Cleats?

Are you familiar with cycling cleats_

Are you familiar with cycling cleats

In this section, we will go insight into cleats and their advantages/disadvantages.

You should know that there are various types of cleat designs.

For instance, cleats in bike shoe pairs are slightly different from cleats of sports or casual shoes – for example, football shoes.

Accordingly, cleats of football shoes are blade-like or conical in shape. They are attached on the rigid sole or externally on the shoes to increase the traction on grass, artificial turf, or icy grounds.

Meanwhile, the cleats of cycling shoes are a triangular wedge installed on the rubber sole. Then, they will work as a clip to click onto the bicycles' pedal and help you ride more securely. They are primarily plastic cleat shoes.

Why Do Many Cycling Shoes Have Cleats?

Clipless cycling shoes are popular among riders for many reasons. We mean, there are a bunch of pros of cycling cleats that encourage you to give them a try.

  • Cleats keep your feet in a secure position.

Imagine your feet are firmly clipped onto the pedal. You will get a sensation of connecting to the bicycle with its pedals and cranks being an extension of your body. It is even possible to feel the tires' grip onto the ground.

That time, you obtained an improved balance while riding.

  • Cleats optimize the power transfer.

Once you are hooked into a secure position, your feet are unlikely to fall off, resulting in your confidence in putting more power into each pedal stroke.

A tiny change in your gesture and body weight will result in better steering and managing your bike. It is noticeably simpler to climb slopes or accelerate cycling speed.

Why Do Many Cycling Shoes Get Rid Of Cleats?

Cycling cleats also have cons, and many of you will wonder, can you use clipless shoes without cleats?

  • Cleats must be adjusted before usage.

Unfortunately, wrong adjustments will do more harm than good. You are more likely to fall when the bike slips and end up suffering disastrous injuries to your knees, hips, and even your head.

  • Cycling shoes with cleats are not comfortable for walking.

Walking in cleats is not as convenient as in flat shoes. As such, you will want to detach the cleats for a while.

Just thinking about stopping in the middle of the road and modifying the cleats several times makes you tired. The wrong adjustment causes undesired cycling position, as mentioned above.

  • Cleats make the shoes more expensive.

Comfortable shoes such as road bike shoes or soled shoe models with cleats are costly. In addition, you need to spend extra on attachments to set up your bikes, such as two-bolt cleats, clipless pedals, or SPD systems.

How to Use Cycling Shoes Without Cleats?

Use flat shoes the right way.

Use flat shoes the right way.

Get started with choosing quality shoes such as flat mountain or regular shoes. Flats provide comfort and freedom under your feet as needed.

Those shoes should have a rigid base to support your foot when cycling. They also need to feature a grippy rubber so that your feet will not slip off the pedal easily during a rough trail.

The bike pedals are also vital.

Clipless shoes will party the best with a standard flat pedal, clip-in pedals, or the flatties having raised pins on the side to improve the grip.


1. Do I Need To Buy Cleats For My Cycling Shoes?

We confirm that it is not required to buy cleats for your road cycling shoes from the information above.

It would be best if you decided according to your cycling preference.

Cleats can be removed for leisure or road riding – for example. However, you desire to become a professional; cleats are well-worth it.

2. Can I Use Cycling Shoes With Normal Pedals?

Yes, you can use your pair of shoes on a regular flat pedal. We do not recommend using shoes with cleats, though.

Otherwise, you can predict that they are not very comfortable, and your foot can slip off the clipless pedals – mainly when they are indoor shoe pairs or lightweight shoes in the wet or across a rough section of the trails.

3. Can You Remove Cleats From Bike Shoes?

It is based on your cycling shoes. Some models are built with the cleats fixed in place, and some have detachable cleats.

When it comes to the latter, you simply use a hex wrench to move the bolts counterclockwise to remove and adjust the cleats.

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Can you use cycling shoes without cleats? – We will conclude this article by confirming that you can.

However, both cleats and non-cleated shoes are helpful in specific cases. It would be best to consider your preference in riding and your techniques to choose a type wisely.

Ride fun and safe!

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