Can You Use Cycling Gloves For Kayaking? Is This A Good Idea?

Can You Use Cycling Gloves For Kayaking_ Is This A Good Idea_

Cycling mittens keep your hands safe when riding a bike. What if you want to kayak? Can you use cycling gloves for kayaking? Visit our blog to learn more!



Can you use cycling gloves for kayaking? Or Is kayaking with cycling mitts possible? It sounds strange, but many people have the same puzzle.

This blog will answer those questions, discuss whether you should use cycling mittens for paddling, and suggest other relevant facts. Now is the time to read and let your hair down.

Can You Use Cycling Gloves For Kayaking_ Is This A Good Idea_

Can You Use Cycling Gloves For Kayaking_ Is This A Good Idea

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Can You Use Cycling Gloves For Kayaking?

You're wondering if you can use the same bicycle mittens for canoeing and riding, the answer is yes. But it just means a temporary way without having kayak mittens. In reality, cycling mittens can’t work their best for kayaking at all.

it just means a temporary way without having kayak mittens

It just means a temporary way without having kayak mittensThere are considerable changes in the design and function of each sport, necessitating the usage of different types of mitts. So what are cycling gloves used for?

Wearing cycling gloves can help you prevent injury while cycling.

In contrast, kayaking gloves provide a protective barrier between your hands and your paddles, which helps in preventing blisters, calluses, and irritation. They also give you an extra grip on your kayak and make the ride more pleasant.

Cycling mittens are quite light, unlike some kayaking mittens that are huge and thick. This feature allows you to hold the paddle firmly and comfortably.

On the other hand, biking gloves will stiffen your hands due to the padding. This way, delicate motions with your paddle become more difficult and increases the risk of losing control of your boat.

Most cycling mitts aren't waterproof. And water would seep through the material and into the mitts, making your hands wet and maybe causing you to get sick. That may come off as a disadvantage when you use it for paddling.

Generally, you could use your riding mittens while kayaking. And even though they are not waterproof gloves, they would offer light, abrasion-proof protection from the paddle and warmth during the chilling time.

That being said, we still suggest choosing paddling mittens that are highly rated for padding since they will be more efficient than selecting bicycling mittens. So what should we notice when purchasing kayaking mittens? Keep reading to know more details!

What Should You Look For When Buying Kayaking Gloves?

Picking the right pair of paddling gloves is not just a purchase, but it determines how you will control the kayak. To make it simpler, you can refer to this video before adding something to your cart.


There are many factors to consider when buying paddling mittens. One of the key factors to consider is the material. How well the glove stands up and how comfortable it is will depend on the quality material.

Ensure that your paddling mitts are made of a synthetic, non-absorbent material that will help your hand and paddle fit better,  glide more smoothly and not absorb water from the inside. And, you can use water-repellent cloth or vinyl because it can also aid in the prevention of water penetration.

That said, cotton mittens are not recommended since they absorb water easily and make it difficult to control the paddles.

Water can still escape through fabric and seams, so keep an eye on how fast the water flows.

But wait, there's more. Choosing thicker gloves is important because the thicker the mittens are, the more thermal protection they provide for your hands. When you're in cold weather, you should invest in a pair of gloves that offer enough thermal mass.


Places such as the metacarpus, the base of your fingers, and the palms of a good kayak glove should all have padding when picking canoeing mittens.

You'll know it's time to stop when your hand comes into close contact with the paddle. The cushioning should be thick enough to absorb strain and prevent your fingertips from blistering while being thin enough to allow for extra grip.


The padding mitten's fit is also a vital factor since it affects how effectively you can control your paddle. A loose glove will fall out of your hands every now and then, and you have to constantly adjust them. That could drive you crazy indeed!

Excessively tight gloves might create indentations on your palms, causing blisters and other problems. Therefore, take a look at the size chart and choose one that is slightly larger than the size of your hands for a comfy fit.


What kind of gloves do you use for kayaking? Diverse paddling mittens may be used for a variety of purposes, as noted below:

Thumb and Forefinger Paddling Gloves

These mittens offer additional cushioning on the thumb and fingers to avoid blisters. They allow you to change your grasp on the paddle to better fit various strokes and provide a firmer and superior grip.

Long Finger Paddling Gloves

These paddling mitts are synthetic and extend up to your middle finger. With this feature, they offer better protection against cuts or blisters and more comfort when paddling because your fingers may move more freely.

Full Finger Paddling Gloves

Full-length kayaking mittens are great for keeping your hands warm in cooler weather and help prevent blistering by offering extra cushioning. That's why it’s always a yes to the question: Do you need gloves for kayaking?.

However, some of these kayak mittens have the drawback of limiting your ability to handle tiny things like rope or gadgets.

Canvas/Leather Paddling Gloves

These canoeing mitts feature a strong canvas or leather. Thus, they are more durable than other materials and keep your hands warm. They contain additional cushioning at the base of your fingers, the metacarpus, and the palm for further protection.

Neoprene Mitts

Neoprene mitts contain a waterproof liner; thus, they give better protection from water and cold but are less breathable.

As a result, your hands stink. That's why it's critical to frequently keep an eye on your hands.


Kayak mittens are quite affordable compared to other kayaking equipment, making them ideal for those on a tight budget; however, some more expensive gloves provide more protection and comfort.

In other words, premium padding mittens are more effective at protecting your hands while still allowing for free movement.

What Are Special Tips For Using Kayaking Gloves?

Using Kayaking Gloves Is Always Helpful

Using Kayaking Gloves Is Always Helpful

Thick Gloves Aren't Always the Best Option

Wearing heavy, thick mittens is uncomfortable, especially when the material is rubber, which is naturally hot. Although the mitts provide extra padding, protect against pebble scrapes, and reduce paddle friction, they are worthless on scorching days.

In addition, wearing thick mittens in the summer will be inconvenient. We suggest a thickness of 1-2 millimeters in this scenario. But how do you keep your hands warm while kayaking in the cold? We suggest you should wear three-millimeter mittens.

 Rinse After Use

After you've used your mitts in saltwater for the day, clean them and hang them to dry. Plus, neoprene is waterproof, so you only need to wash the mittens outside. By doing so, you will maintain your mitts for a long time.

Extend The Use

Cleaning kayak mittens is a nice start, but it's not enough. Select high-quality sealants to help your mittens last longer. These sealants don't always make the glove whole since they also concentrate on a single area.

When you apply a small coating of these sealants to the region between your thumb and the forefinger of your glove, they will reduce the abrasion.

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Final Verdict

After reading our post, you now have a clear answer to the question, “Can you use cycling gloves for kayaking?”. To sum up, canoeing with bicycle mitts is not a good idea. It simply indicates that they are more likely to be a temporary solution if you don't have or forget to carry kayaking equipment.

Also, we hope that you found our tips helpful and that you can find the perfect pair of padding mittens for your needs.

Thank you for spending your time reading our post and staying tuned for our next article. See you then!

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