Can You Go Cycling With A Hernia? It Is Safe With The Right Circumstances

Can You Go Cycling With A Hernia

Cycling is one of the easiest and most effective exercises. But can you go cycling with a hernia? If you have this question, you hit the right place. Read on!



Designing an effective workout routine with a hernia is always an uphill struggle. Some types of exercise can make this health problem worse. So can you go cycling with a hernia?

If you intend to incorporate cycling into your workout regime, follow us to see if this is a great idea! Our article will also offer you the safest and most worry-free exercising methods.

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Can You Ride A Bike With A Sports Hernia?

Is it safe to exercise with a hernia? Should you cycle with a hernia? The answer should be a YES.

What is the answer for the question Can You Go Cycling With A Hernia

What is the answer for the question: Can You Go Cycling With A Hernia?

A hernia occurs when your abdominal contents tend to protrude through the abdominal wall’s weakness. This issue is like discomfort or a lump in the groin. The lump appears when you stand or lift and disappear when lying down.

A hernia is more likely to be found in older men. Risks from this problem may include constipation, obesity, heavy lifting, and chronic cough.

Worse, you can get strangulation, where the herniated contents are trapped or twisted by narrow openings. This way, it cuts off the blood supply and obstructs the bowel.

You can treat the problem with a surgical repair by pushing it back to its place and using a mesh to strengthen the abdominal wall’s weak point.

There is no need to worry about cycling with this problem. A recumbent bike proves helpful as it concentrates more on thigh muscles instead of abdominal ones. Thus, you won’t exacerbate your condition.

Necessary saddle adjustment will help the pain in the short run. But overall, surgical repair is surely the definitive treatment. It is hard to improve your problem. There is no specific exercise to do so.

Instead, it would be best to avoid things that can worsen it, like heavy lifting.

The answer to the question of can you go cycling with a hernia is yes with the right circumstances, so how to do it correctly? Let's discuss this in the next section.

How To Cycle With A Hernia?

Take A Test Ride

Choosing the right bicycle for your health is of utmost importance. So before buying a bike, you should always take a test ride with a technical advisor.

Practice with a gravel path, ground sills, curves, and hills to ensure the most comfortable experience.

Adjust The Bicycle Correctly

Uncomfortable or improper cycling posture will wreak havoc with your conditions. For this reason, your bike needs to be adjusted correctly. Handlebars and seat height should perfectly suit your upper body to form a slightly bent position.

On the other hand, you must let your hip title forward. Follow the user manual of your bike for easier adjusting steps.

Have A Correct Posture

As mentioned above, a correct cycling posture directly influences your overall experience with an inguinal hernia. Plus, your cycling posture is vital for a healthy spine. Its effect is greatest in the lumbar spine.

A proper posture involves a tilted forward pelvis and pre-tensioned back muscles. This will likely bring your spine into a natural S-shape.

The pedaling movement drives the intervertebral discs and then trains the vertebrae’s deep muscles. It is often difficult to train those parts specifically. So correct cycling posture will do wonders for your muscles.

Correct Arm And Leg Position On The Bike

Always mind your arm and leg positions when cycling. Your legs should be slightly bent in the lower pedal position instead of fully depressed. This way, your knee joints will be protected and stay intact.

The ideal angle measure for the arms and back relationship is 90 degrees. This angle can ensure optimal muscle loading and protect your wrists from excessive pressure.

Besides, you need to keep your elbows slightly angled. Don’t forget to adjust the handlebars optimally with slightly angled arms when your wrists are not bent.

Find the correct posture when cycling

Find the correct posture when cycling

Both Feet On The Ground

Your cycling experience will be more wonderful if you don’t get off your bike but still reach the ground with both feet. Each bike comes with a unique frame height and support options like pedal support.

Try different types of bikes to see which one helps you with cycling and herniated discs.

What Are Other Exercises For A Hernia?

Besides cycling, there are various exercises that you can try with your hernia. The effectiveness of your exercise routine will depend on different intensities of exercise.

High-intensity ones will exacerbate your herniated symptoms. Walking, jogging, swimming, and gentled yoga are a few great options for working out with a hernia.

If you want to strengthen the diaphragm, let’s try diaphragmatic breathing. This exercise helps increase the oxygen flow and boost the muscles. It involves deeper breathing techniques so that you can practice them anytime.

For hiatal hernia, yoga exercises can do wonders. Without intense strains, breathing techniques and some flexibility poses will improve your abdominal area. Yoga is good for inguinal hernias too.

It would help if you also changed your lifestyle to deal with this problem. Smoking and heartburn-triggering food like spices, caffeine, onions, and tomatoes should be excluded from daily diets.

Never lie down right after eating or wear tight belts and clothing.

What Exercises Not To Do With A Hernia?

What should I avoid with a hernia? What can worsen a hernia?

Heavy weight lifting exercises should never be present in those with a hernia workout routine. They can cause unwanted strains and make your condition worse.

Do not strain your muscles

Do not strain your muscles

On the other hand, stretching your abdominal muscles too much also worsens the tear. Therefore, don’t forget to stay away from abdominal stretches to avoid straining and aggravating your health issues.

In fact, straining muscles can cause pain in other parts  of your body too.

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Working out with your hernia is not safe and worry-free, as unsuitable exercises will make the situation worse. So can you go cycling with a hernia?

The answer should be YES. Cycling with a proper posture will help you lose weight and improve your health. So don’t hesitate to start your workout routine right now.

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