Can Cycling Break Your Hymen? The Main Symptoms Of A Broken Hymen

Can Cycling Break Your Hymen The Main Symptoms Of A Broken Hymen

Can cycling break your hymen? If this question keeps you from cycling, read on for the answer and must-know information about this often-misunderstood body part.

Can cycling break your hymen? Like any sport, there are certain risks which riding a bike entails.

Since the vaginal section is in constant contact with the saddle, it is fair to wonder whether this sport potentially breaks the hymen.

Let’s sit down and have an honest talk around the “Can a bicycle pop your cherry?” myth!

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What Is Hymen & Virginity?

The hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane located just inside the opening of the vagina.

It is typically seen as a small amount of extra tissue in a ring-like or crescent-shaped configuration surrounding the edge of the vagina’s opening.

This fleshy tissue does not cover the vaginal opening entirely, which explains why menstrual blood can still leave your body.

Just like many parts of the body, hymens vary significantly in how they look from person to person.

Some hymens are smaller than others due to the varying hymenal tissue volumes.

Some look more loped-shaped or half-moon, and there might be a fringe of tissue. That’s why there are different types of hymens (see the picture below).

Hymens - Six Common Types

Hymens – Six Common Types

The hymen is often a misunderstood body part. However, this membrane serves no medical or physiological purpose for all of the fabled mysteries around it.

This small, delicate tissue is considered a mark of virginity in some cultures. The absence of a hymen is not valid proof of whether someone has engaged in sexual activity or not.

For one reason, some people are born with very small hymens or no hymen at all.

In addition, the hymen might be broken well before a person has her first sexual intercourse, as several non-sexual activities can break or tear the hymen.

This can happen through the intrusion of tampons, gynecological exams, and vigorous physical activities. Therefore, it is impossible to see an intact hymen as a symbol of virginity.

Can Cycling Break Your Hymen?

So, can cycling break your hymen? Yes, cycling can tear your hymen, but the possibility is very slim. If your riding posture is incorrect, the pressure will be exerted on your vagina rather than the seat bones.

With the up-and-down bounces on the bike, friction is generated onto the vulva. Depending on the anatomy of the vulva, this can irritate and damage the hymen.

Can Cycling Break Your Hymen_ Yes but But The Chance Is Minor

Can Cycling Break Your Hymen_ Yes but But The Chance Is MinorBig labia – the fleshy outer lips of your vulva can better shield the vulva from external impact.

People with small labia, on the other hand, are more prone to get their hymen affected by intense physical activities, including bike riding.

What Are The Symptoms Of Broken Hymen?

It might be tricky to see the hymen if you’re self inspecting, depending on the size.

When the hymen is broken, some people might feel mildly painful, or there’s a bit of blood. Yet, others don’t experience any discomfort at all.

You’re most likely to feel pain when the vaginal muscles are not in their relaxing state. For example, inserting a tampon or penis inside the vagina can break the hymen, and the pain is generally feelable.

Below are some telltale signs of hymen breakage or tearing:

  • Minor bleeding.
  • Feeling uncomfortable or painful around the opening of the vaginal.
  • Membrane about 1-2 cm from the opening is torn or broken.
  • There is no tiny membrane in the vaginal area that you would typically see from the opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sports Break Your Virginity?

When a girl does sports like horse riding, gymnastics, high jumping, there is a chance that her hymen stretches or breaks.

Let us make it clear: while some sports can put you at a higher risk of breaking your hymen, it by no means you lose your virginity.

You lose your virginity the first time you are engaged in sexual activity, and there is no other way around.


Horse Riding Can Put You At Risk Of Breaking Your Hymen

Horse Riding Can Put You At Risk Of Breaking Your Hymen

Can Accident Break The Hymen?

Broken or torn hymen can be a result of severe injuries. Accidents like falling on sharp objects in the bathtub, pool, or water skiing that impact the vaginal area can cause the hymen to break.

What Are The Dangers Of Cycling?

Cycling is not a dangerous sport. According to a study by the National Travel Survey, death rates in cycling are once in every nine million rides.

The risk of injuries  is also low, as the same study shows. There is only 5 percent of injuries for 1000 hours of cycling.

However, there are some dangers involved in the sport that you should be aware of:

The most common accident that happens to the rider is the single rider crash, which can lead to scrapes and bruises. The severity of the injuries depends greatly on how fast you go.

If you ride your bike at a professional speed, chances are you might suffer from bone fractures or other more severe injuries.

Collisions with fixed objects are another major threat, and the worst is when the rider collides with a moving vehicle.

In these cases, major injuries are inevitable, especially if you’re not equipped with safety gear and go at high speed.

For your safety, you should stick to the rules of the road, wear visible clothing and helmet, and ride safely. It’s best to go cycling with a group and go to the best bike routes in the area.

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Can cycling break your hymen? Yes, there is a real risk of hymen breakage in bicycle riding, but the possibility is quite slim. So, it should not be an excuse for not doing what you love.

We know in some cultures, virginity still plays a role in marriage. Nevertheless, the link between hymen breakage and loss of virginity is so weak that it can’t prove anything.

Some hymens are already broken well before their first sexual encounter due to various reasons. Most importantly, neither of them reflects your sexual experience and says anything about who you are!

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