Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling? 4+ Features To Consider

Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling_ 4+ Features To Consider

Are AirPods Pro good for cycling? Take a look at what Apple says about these wireless earbuds, how they assist you in cycling, and if there is any downside.



When choosing wireless headphones for cycling, many of us will think of the most popular ones first, such as the AirPods Pro by Apple. That said, are AirPods Pro good for cycling?

In short, yes. From the design to sound modes, the pair offers a range of features that help ensure performance and safety for you. But it’s not perfect for every circumstance.

This post will explain what Apple AirPods Pro's key features help your bike rides and what the wireless earbuds are suitable for. Read on to decide whether you should opt for these or not.

Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling - The earbuds should stay in most of the time.

The earbuds should stay in most of the time.

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Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling?

Yes, they offer quite a lot of benefits but are not suitable all the time, though.

Noise Cancellation And Transparency

Active noise cancellation is a new feature and an advantage of the Pro version over its AirPods cousins. Meanwhile, the transparency mode lets you enjoy sound flexibility without having to take the earbuds off your ears.

In terms of Noise Cancelling, the AirPods Pro is equipped with an inward and an outward microphone on each earbud. Apple claims the inward ones measure sound 200 times per second.

As a result, the earbuds can block out traffic noise, wind noise, and pretty much everything else, so your audio is loud and clear. The feature also comes in handy when you have to take calls on the bike.

Another benefit of this feature is preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Active noise cancellation is excellent when you cycle at 10-15 mph, and it maintains decent sound quality at up to 20 mph.

On the other hand, the transparency mode lets environmental sounds in, allowing you to talk to nearby cyclists when it’s necessary. Besides, sometimes you should beware of vehicles around when riding in busy traffic, which calls for this mode.

Together, Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency enable sound quality, flexibility, and safety throughout your rides. It’s worth noting that you can switch off both of them if you want to.

Sweat Resistance

At the IP4X water resistance rating, the Apple AirPods Pro isn’t the most water-resistant pair of headphones. The company also claims water and sweat resistance, not “waterproof”.

The rating means they can survive sweat, splashes, and rain showers. So, you won’t have to worry about water damage caused by perspiration when riding.

While the resistance level is not outstanding, it should be enough as you won’t likely go out in heavy rain anyway.

However, the charging case does not have the same liquid resistance, so don’t take it out in the rain or drop it into water.

Fit And Comfort

The AirPods Pro comes with three pairs of ear tips of different sizes, so you can choose the ones that fit you the most. The tips are made of silicone; they can easily customize to fit and stay firmly in your ear canal.

At the same time, the silicone promotes a soft feeling in your ear for comfort on a long cycling session.

Battery Life

According to Apple, you will get 4.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, you should expect a shorter working time if you listen to music or activate active noise cancellation and transparency.

Testing shows different results in actual use. But you will get around 4 hours of audio playback on one charge, which can usually cover an entire ride for you.

Furthermore, if you only wear earbuds to keep in touch with people with no need for music, the battery life can get closer to Apple’s claim.

The case is also a wireless charger, which offers another four charges for the earbuds. It’s an advantage when you’re out for long.

Extra Features

Hands-off control to ensure safety is completely possible with AirPods Pro. Voice assistant Siri will help you manage audio playback, make phone calls, and get directions.

To assist users in choosing the right ear tips, Apple created the Ear Tip Fit Test. It lets you test different sizes with actual audio to check for sound leakage and recommends changing ear tips if necessary.

Once connected to your iPhone, the AirPods Pro automatically works with your Apple Watch  for convenience. The earbuds are compatible with Android smartphones, too, in case you are not an iPhone user.

Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling - Ear Tip Fit Test assists in choosing the right tip size.

Ear Tip Fit Test assists in choosing the right tip size.

Types Of Riding

So far, these earbuds look good for cycling. If you’re wondering, “Are AirPods Pro good for cycling?”, the answer is yes, they are. But can you wear AirPods while cycling in all cases?

This question calls for another factor in cycling: terrain. The AirPods Pro is absolutely fine for outdoor riding on bike paths and gravel grinders.

However, you should think twice before wearing these buds on cyclocross or mountain trails. They can fall off anytime due to bumpy roads.

Are AirPods Pro Good For Cycling - The pair is suitable for bike paths and gravel grinders.

The pair is suitable for bike paths and gravel grinders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If Airpod Pro Falls In Water?

AirPods Pro will not work properly or even stop working if water gets inside. The IP4X rating is quite low, so the wireless earbuds can resist sweat and rain only. It's not designed to be submerged in water.

Moreover, the longer you use the product, the less water-resistant it will be. Anyway, you’d better keep the pair as far from water as possible.

How Far Away Can AirPods Be From Phone?

The working distance of AirPods, as stated by Apple, is from 30 to 60 feet away. It should not be a problem in cycling as your iPhone and wireless earphones will always be on you.

Do I Need To Carry My AirPods Case?

No. If the buds are fully charged and you don't go out for long, there’s no need to carry the case. It’s only necessary if you intend to charge them on the go or go out for longer than their remaining battery life.

Do AirPod Pros Block Out Wind?

Yes, they do. But the result is not perfect; they can block out wind noise to ensure decent audio quality. The earbuds work best at 10-15mph speed.

Can AirPods Pro Be Used For Sports?

Yes, they can, and they are actually good companions for sports. The product offers sweat protection, making them good earbuds for intense workouts but not water-related sports.

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Wrap Up

With active noise cancellation, IPX4 water resistance, multi-size silicone ear tips, and added technologies, the Apple AirPods Pro makes a good friend for road cyclists.

Are AirPods Pro good for cycling? Yes, if you don’t ride on bumpy roads and rough terrain. Also, the longer you use them, the more you should keep them from water to avoid unfortunate damages.

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