About me

Although trained as a professional artist, Ridge Davis has long been fascinated by the intersection of rhythm and movement. A perfectionist, he pays close attention to and cares about the accuracy and rhythm of the exercise, guiding his clients with the utmost devotion and commitment. Having accumulated several thousand hours as a personal trainer and group fitness coach at LAZYSIZE, Ridgid Fitness represents the synthesis of his career experiences in fitness and rhythm.


Ridge Davis strongly believes that health and wellness is a lifelong process that requires constant growth, dedication, and mental and physical growth. He created a special Fitness Method that effectively helps his clients lose weight, so he can educate clients towards good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits and create a stable foundation for them to achieve and maintain their goals. His coaching style uses a combination of tuned training strategies, principles of strength and conditioning, and strength training techniques to create a body of unparalleled aesthetics, move with power, grace and freedom.

Cyclists who have a specific objective in mind for how far they want to ride their bike

Ridgid Fitness
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